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Feb 10, 2002 7:00 AM
I am looking inot going on this tour. Please any feed back from riders who been there. Weather? climbs? support and accommodations? thanks
Feb 13, 2002 11:43 AM
I rode this last summer with a friend. VERY well organized, plenty of feed zones and portable toilets. The climbs are not that bad if you pace yourself. The route is different each year however. Many people had done the Ride the Rockies and commented that the organization and routes were very similar. There were riders in their pre-teens/families to 70's. Most in their 40's I would guess. A pretty fair percentage utilized the sag wagons to the top of climbs, especially towards the end of the tour. Personally, I would rather die than get on a sag wagon. I came to RIDE my bike.

The camping accommodations varied by town and by the condition of the grass on the football fields. Shady spots are grabbed early. There were some hot afternoons, also had some cold rain and hail at the top of a mountain one of the days. I hear this can be common. The indoor camping also has advantages and disadvantages. It's cooler if AC, but noisy at night. Some people end up buying tents so they can get some privacy and sleep. There are always people walking past while you sleep, if that bothers you.

Routes are extremely well marked and you receive a very detailed map (profile view and map view) for each days route. In it feed zone hours of operation, breakfast, lunch and dinner schedule/menu and when the bags must be dropped off in the morning are detailed. This little wire bound postcard size book is your bible for the week. It also contains maps of the towns you stay in if you prefer to eat on your own. The huge majority of people were morning people. Lots of "hooting" as they ride off in the morning. My friend and I were always the last two to leave, just getting our stuff on the truck before it left. I prefer sleeping in on vacation, but that's me. I'm not the type that goes to bed at 8:30 either. That's wimpy.

Lots of nice people; lots of nice bikes. Good scenery, police protection and good roads for the most part. I would do this tour again without worries.