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Q: My cogs are digging into the Splines on the Freehub...(4 posts)

Q: My cogs are digging into the Splines on the Freehub...AllUpHill
Feb 9, 2002 4:51 PM
The cassette is a 12-23 9sp. Dura Ace. Only the 13,14, and 15 cogs are doing this, presumably because all the others have a wider "contact patch" with the splines e.g., the 12 is actually a little thicker, and the big ones are of course grouped on alloy carriers.

They're not digging in too horribly yet -- maybe nicked by 0.3 mm of depth into the splines. This is on the "rear" of each spline, that is, the point where the cog splines push on the hub when I crank my massive, powerful legs :-) It just looks like the metal is getting, well, pushed out of the way and forming a small notch, like it's slightly too soft. This is occuring all the way around in each of the splines, but there is no apparent damage to the corresponding places on the cogs.

So, has this ever happened to you? Never happens with my other wheels and cogs. Is it a user error of some kind, or is the freehub body too soft or something? I can't imagine that they would ever go all the way through the splines but who knows. Should I seek warrantee replacement of that part of the hub?

I've pretty well described all there is, but I can take a pic and post it if that would be of help.

happened to me on Al freehubcyclopathic
Feb 9, 2002 8:54 PM
Hugi 240, but I was using loose cass and it was on bigger cogs.

I would warranty it. Problem is you can't go directly to Shimano (you can call them but they will only send parts to dealer) and your LBS is interested in making money not giving you service (this is more of the pers relation with LBS) so if they're making money somehow (by replacing freehub) they're your friends, if not well.

Other thing it is very likely you won't be able to pull freehub from hub. I broke a 3/8 drive extension trying to get out CODA freehub. This wouldn't be your case, you need to replace outer shell and it's easy to do. DA/XTR freehub is very expensive to buy (this is how big S keeps little builders out of business) God forsake you have to pay for it new hub would be cheaper.


PS. I could surely use legs like that on oncoming ride: 107mi, 11-13k climbing several HC climbs (last in the worse comes at mi 104) I never made it with fresh legs without stopping, I am a wimp :(
Feb 9, 2002 10:43 PM
Generally this is not a big deal unless your really chewing up the frewheel. If you have a loose cassette then it can do some real damage. The reality is the tolerances of the freehub versus the cassette are marginal at best. They are not a perfect match. The soft material of most freehubs will 'give' to the harder metals of the cassette especially under force... Not to worry for some little dings...
re: Q: My cogs are digging into the Splines on the Freehub...Ian
Feb 11, 2002 6:14 AM
You don't mention what freehub you are using, but I would guess it is not Shimano. Shimano either uses titanium in their Dura-Ace / XTR freehubs or steel in all others. But quite a few aftermarket freehubs use aluminum and that is where the problem happens. Obviously a steel or titanium cassette vs. an aluminum freehub is not an equal match. I had a friend who had Rolf Vector Pros which used an aluminum freehub, he had to replace it once a year at a cost of $50. So, what is happening to you is not out of the ordinary. You probably can't prevent it, because freehubs are usually not interchangeable. And you can't just ignore it, because one day it will dig in far enough that you can't get the cassette off, and then you are really screwed.