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Has anyone every noticed(3 posts)

Has anyone every noticedMonteverde
Feb 9, 2002 4:18 PM
how much the front end of bikes "give" in a forward to back motion when the front brake is applied firmly??
It happens on all my bikes even with with alloy steerers, but I just got a carbon fiber steerer and it seems more pronounced. The headsets are all adjusted properly and it isn't loose at all and I am below the maximum headset spacer limit by over 6 mm. But as I have a new bike, I am inspecting every inch and I noticed this.
I rode the bike and it feels flawless, so this isn't a real concern, but I am curious to know if this "give" is the fork "at work". This is not a "flex" issue I am talking about in the traditional sense of what people describe as fork flex while riding.
If you get your bike and just stand beside it and apply front brake hard and rock forward and back, the movement will be obviuos, but I never noticed this before and with a carbon steerer, I am curious to know if it is obvious on other's bikes. My fork is a Ouzo Pro integrated into a 2002 Litespeed Vortex by the way. I am still in shock that I own it. Just curious.
Thanks in advance.
Nice bike. And yes, I've noticed it.Leisure
Feb 10, 2002 10:12 PM
In fact my Woundup fork is specifically designed to have good forward compliance in the legs to assist vibration dampening, while being laterally stiffer than other forks for tighter handling. (It's not that magical really, they just made the tubes round instead of oval or bladed the way most forks are.) I wouldn't qualify flex specifically at the steerer tube as being designed-in however, since it's moving against the headset and will be avoided by any engineer that cares about what they're doing. It's more that the flex is hard to get rid of, even more so with carbon.
Thanks for the responseMonteverde
Feb 11, 2002 3:54 PM
I appreciate it, especially that you were the only one kind enough to respond. I never really gave it much attention, but it seemed more obvious with my new fork. I was thinking that the 1 1/8 headtube is stiffer and would naturally cause a more dramatic "wiggle" kinda of like when metal hits something and then vibrates.
The new integrated headset had me a little worried, but I will become gradually more confident in it as I use it. Cannondale has been using the Campy hiddenset for some time with no problems, so I went with that instead of Cane Creek.
Thanks again