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Let the fur fly~~~~! 02 CT1 BSTAY "review"(21 posts)

Let the fur fly~~~~! 02 CT1 BSTAY "review"CT1
Feb 9, 2002 12:26 PM
So, here are my impressions of my 54cm 02 CT1. Bear in mind that I've only got 200 miles on the bike so these are somewhat preliminary observations.

Personal stats: 148# 48 YO average "sport level" rider. 5' 8" with a 32" inseam. 9K miles in 01. Other bikes: LOOK 01 KG 281 and an 01 TCR ONCE replica. Both bikes are Campy C10. MTB's don't count here, do they. ;)

Bike stats:
02 CT1 BSTAY frameset with Colnago Flash fork. Full 02 Record C10 and Campy Neutron clincher wheels with Veloflex Pave tires. 12cm stem with 2.75" saddle/bar drop. Saddle smushed all the way back as I fancy myself as a climber. HA! Full bike with two SS cages is probably under 17# but I haven't weighed it so I can't say for sure. Feels similar to my sub 16# TCR.

Weld quality: Excellent welds but NOT "perfect" (in terms of classic weld beads) like some claim their brand xyz is. FWIW I've seen MUCH worse on comparably or higher priced frames.

Paint: Ah.... those nutty Italians are real masters! The paint quality is absolutely superb. That being said, I would have preferred a less intense orange on the headtube and BB area. I'm not a big fan of orange. I got the 02 Geo and it's a bit "over the top" in terms of style. If I had to do it over again.... and I'm sure I will.... I'll probably get a different color pattern. Perhaps a custom.... as I think I can order one through my Euro connection.

Ride "quality":
Very-Very "nice" ride quality. Stiff in the BB yet pretty mellow in terms of high frequency shock transmission. Significantly smoother than my LOOK KG which is a bit surprising. Certainly the BEST "road feel" of any bike I've been on. Not dead feeling like some frames. I've ridden quite a few bikes in the last year but one I'd truly like to check out is a Calfee LUNA or TETRA. Soon..... :)

Handling: Yeowser.... this bike just "rails" down steep twisty hills. I had 25 miles on the bike when I went down an unfamiliar hill and the bike just "worked"! I'm not sure why this is so, but I'm suspicious that it might be the Flash fork. The bike just has no bad manners when "at speed".

Cost: $1375 delivered for the frame and fork. This is obviously an insanely good price by any measure! Ordered it in early Sep and received it in early Feb.

Overall impression: I'm MORE than pleased with the frame but I reserve the right to claim I've found something nicer in the next 6 months. ;) For now, the KG has been dethroned ..... ah it was a nice reign (six months) but it had to end.... just like I'm sure the CT1's reign will end some day.

Have fun.... ;)
Feb 9, 2002 12:49 PM
Absolutely Gorgeous! I'm not a campy fan but this is nice!
re: Let the fur fly~~~~! 02 CT1 BSTAY "review"RayBan
Feb 9, 2002 1:25 PM
first off great price for that frameset! I am a big fan of that paint scheme(maybe it's because I like orange). I wonder if the carbon fork AND carbon rear attribute to the great ride quality you describe. It's for that reason I just bought a carbon rear stay bike from Ernesto's neighbor ;). Cool ride.... Does the carbon eliminate the flexyness that seems to be popular in Ti frames?
fork and staysCT1
Feb 9, 2002 1:39 PM
The Flash fork has carbon legs but an aluminum crown and a steel steerer tube. I'm surmising that the steel steerer contributes to the precise handling qualities. ???? The weight penalty of the steel steer is very minimal in my size frame. I'm VERY-VERY pleased with the fork and would highly recommend it to others. FWIW: I had a Star fork on my MXL and thought it was VERY-VERY harsh.

Can't really claim one single thing about the carbon rear in terms of its stiffening effects. However, the seat-tube and downtube are both laterally flared at the BB so maybe that contributes to the relatively stiff BB. ??? Oh, the BSTAY does look MORE substantial than the previous years seat stays.

I will say that I'm no Cipo so someone else may claim (rightly or wrongly.... ??) that the BSTAY CT1 is a noodle. I'm a firm believer in the vagaries/subjectiveness of this whole bike/rider interaction deal. One person's dream ride may be another's nightmare.

fork and stays12x23
Feb 9, 2002 2:15 PM
Yeah, well I'd like to get me one of them nightmares. ;-)
Bravo, JohnG!guido
Feb 9, 2002 2:37 PM
Signor Colnago has done it again! And you have followed up, adorning it with Campagnolo jewels. The colors of Spring. Nice pix!
not the steel steer tubelonefrontranger
Feb 10, 2002 9:15 PM
My Dream Plus road bike has a Force (full carbon with Ti reinforcement collar) fork. The handling for twisty descents, tight crits and in general is positively telepathic. The same goes for my Dream Cross with the Precisa steel fork. Yesterday on a group MTB ride I took the Dream Cross in a little hot on a steep descent and got past the point of no return where things got nasty, a combination of dropoff waterbars and rocks. My choices were endo or ride it out, and I had to just get my butt back and pray. I am no one's idea of a great bike handler, but I survived. Face it, Ernesto just builds bikes that handle better.
Looks like a bad mural on the 405 freewayEEEEESH
Feb 7, 2002 5:54 PM
Sorry, but "over the top" doesn't describe that thing. UGLY!! :-)
... speaking of the 405 and completely off topic...Akirasho
Feb 10, 2002 7:35 AM

We abide.

Remain In Light.
Feb 9, 2002 7:05 PM
So it came straight and everything? BB and headtube wereproperly faced and chased? And you're happy with the service from overseas?

I'm curious about your comments regarding the handling. I'd assume it would handle the same as the other Colnagos you have owned--you've had, what, 2 or 3 others?--have they all been the same size?
oh yeah, I forgot...gtx
Feb 9, 2002 7:06 PM
You should have gotten a Litespeed. ;)
I know....... we all make mistakes!CT1
Feb 9, 2002 7:50 PM
I've personally only owned one other Colnago and it was an MXL with a Star fork. To be perfectly honest with you I never did get comfy on that bike. The fork and frame just wasn't suited to my weight and riding preferences. I.e. it was way too harsh for me. That might have been the Star for or the frame .... I sort of "blamed" it on both. I remember the MXL did handle "well" but I don't think I ever pushed it very hard or fast.... certainly not as hard or fast as I've pushed the CT1. That's probably as much to do with my recent formidable increase in strength and speed as anything to do with the frame/fork technicals...... ;)

The CT1 came pretty much fully prepped. I did specifically request some "extra" attention from my Euro dealer and he came through with flying colors! :) He chassed the BB threads and "cleaned up" the excess paint on the in rear dropout "slots". However, I did have to remove most of the paint from the driveside BB face.... which I do on all frames I build anyway. Did the same thing on the Head tube faces. Oh, I did have a tiny bit of hassle getting the front brake "nut" to start on the caliper stud. I suspect there was some flashing or alignment problem in the hole where the stud goes through the fork crown.

I can't vouch for the 'absolute alignment' of the front triangle other than to say the bike handles impeccably well and will hold a dead straight line while doing the no-hands drill. The rear wheel was perfectly aligned in the rear triangle.... I.e. with a 'zero dish wheel' the wheel was equally centered between the chainstays and also centered at the brake bridge. Note: I've seen high end frames that had problems with this portion of the setup so I paid particular attention to it during the build. There is about 7mm of tire to brake bridge clearance with a 23 tire so I'd guess you could put just about anything back there. I've seen problems here also.

Is it perfect?...... NO. There was one tiny faint scratch on the bottom of the left chain stay. Hmmm..... that's about it. All in all I really couldn't be happier. OK..... I'll still admit the orange is a bit much. ;) Might have to replace it next year with a different color. :)

cool! nmgtx
Feb 9, 2002 8:08 PM
Your first mistake wasmickey-mac
Feb 9, 2002 9:33 PM
taking the picture in front of your house. I already know your neighborhood and now should be able to track down your house and bike. Then I'll just have to figure out how to add about 6 cm to the seat tube and top tube. ;-) Nice bike. I thought about a CT1 for a while when I started shopping for a new bike. Maybe it will be the next.

How did you like the wind today? I can't remember the last time I packed it in because of wind, but I did today. I did only 33 miles of a planned 65 mile ride. The unpredictability of it was the real problem. Every time I got myself braced for wind blowing from my left, it would suddenly switch to my right and almost take out my front wheel. I hope it dies down overnight.
same story here with the wind.CT1
Feb 9, 2002 9:52 PM
We were planning on a century length ride through the SM mountains and blew it off for a 35 mile Valley ride. Even that was rather painful and the unpredictability in the wind direction was unsettling at times. I'm glad we didn't get into the canyons.... that would have been purty scary indeed.

If the wind settles down tomorrow I'm heading over Piuma :)

listening to the wind howling outside
Try racing in it!DMoore
Feb 10, 2002 11:33 PM
St. Valentine's Day Massacre crit today in Brea (Orange County, near Fullerton). Winds were gusting all day. Race was in an industrial park area, so wind swirling off the buildings added to the fun. And now half of SoCal appears to be on fire. I hate Santa Ana's!
Yep, made the racing interestingTroyboy
Feb 11, 2002 2:30 PM
The field would slow to a standstill between turn 3 and 4. Sometimes after 3, we'd ride into a blistering dust storm.
Sweet as Candy!!!!! (nm)grandemamou
Feb 10, 2002 5:17 AM
Bike lust!Tig
Feb 10, 2002 5:47 AM
Looking at this fine ride makes me feel just a little guilty. My current bike of 4 years hangs in the garage, thinking all is well in the "relationship". Little does it know I'm in here drooling over this fine, sexy Italian bird! If I get caught, I'm sure a few flats or a harsher ride is in store for me next time out.

That is one beautiful, well equipped machine. Anyone who trashes it in here is just jealous! Envy, however, is understandable. Next time, live closer to me so I can try it out, oh, say every weekend...

Happy riding!
My wife liked your roses more!Tig
Feb 10, 2002 6:00 AM
She said the bike was "nice", but was more impressed with the yellow roses behind them. Silly woman, tricks are for kids!
it's the "false spring" in SoCal....... nmCT1
Feb 10, 2002 11:29 AM