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a father, a bike and a son.... a nice story(3 posts)

a father, a bike and a son.... a nice storysecourir
Feb 9, 2002 11:26 AM
the following link is a personal page from a person who i had made a brief internet aquaintance with after he inquired on an ad i had placed on a website where i was selling some bicycle parts. the parts were already sold but i offered advice if he ever needed it as i like helping other cyclists.

months had passed and he emailed me with a request for tracking down some specific old parts and advice on a restoration he was undertaking. he had to remind me of our initial email contact as i wasnt sure if his latest email was spam or misdirected.

upon asking him what bike he was fixing/restoring he sent me the following link. even though we are oceans apart i was touched by the journey he and his bike had taken and thought id share it here.
Good story.....Lone Gunman
Feb 9, 2002 6:32 PM
I am about to start a journey similar to that trip of the Leganano? I had a 1978 Viscount that I bought before I went to college. Viscounts were light for there time period and had lugged steel frames. It rarely saw weather cause it was too nice to leave outside. Anyway I rode it less and less and it sat in the basement and became a 1 wheeled trainer bike, I rode it once in a while but bikes were becoming lighter and I bought something new and it never saw the road again. Last summer (not knowing the value of the bike) I gave it away to a youth charity because I had tried to sell it and got no buyers. It was basicly in parts, wrong set of wheels, brakes off, etc. But the charity is for young kids, and this was a 57cm size frame.

I have been bitten by the retro bug and am trying to recover the bike and restore it to it's former glory, maybe even build it up better than when it was new. Possibly go to some swap meets or internet buys and find better parts, old campy group or something. It had a mix and match grouppo anyway so a matched set of parts would be nice.

I have to find the frame first!! It could have gone to the scrap heap for all I know but if anyone spotted it and knew what it was, it is probably long gone. Sheldon Brown's site had a piece written on the history of the make, it was recalled by the US consumer safety; it seems that the fork was cast alu and would break off at the steerer tube unannounced which is another reason I want to recover the bike before someone kills themselves.

It has horizontal dropouts and could be a fixie or I could restore to the 12 speed that it was.

Dreamin' of where it could be and what it might be.
Hits close to homegrandemamou
Feb 10, 2002 5:28 AM
I'm expecting my first son in a couple of months. I hope to pass the love of cycling on to him.