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front end wobble?(5 posts)

front end wobble?jaimegutierrez
Feb 8, 2002 7:34 PM
I just purchased my first aluminum bike a cinelli proxima.
brand spanking new and accelerates way faster than any steel bike I have ridden. My concern is a front end wobble
that occurs after I hop out of the saddle and accelerate on a hill then sit back on the saddle only to find steering to be wobbling, it fades away quickly but is fairly obvious just after sitting back down. Can anyone give me some feedback on what my problem might be. Thanks, Jaime
re: front end wobble?guido
Feb 8, 2002 8:01 PM
Very easy to wobble the front wheel of a really light bike with steep headtube angles. You can do it by pushing on the handlebars while you're moving around on it, like hopping up or sitting down. It's usually a function of momentarily putting too much weight over the front wheel. Does headset rotate smoothly and freely, without binding? Are the wheels in the same track? That could also cause wobble, but probably not on your new Cinelli.

Try to be smooth pedaling and balancing your weight when you move around on it, and see if it still wobbles. I bet it doesn't.
re: front end wobble?Jaime
Feb 8, 2002 8:34 PM
Guido thanks for the response, my cinelli is a compact size small frame and weighs in at 16.5 lbs built up. I am 160lbs and come to think of it, it only happens when I stand up to climb with most of my weight on the cranks and forward as a I swing the handlebars left to right with each pedal stroke then reposition on the saddle.
****Is this a part of frame flex or something that happens with light aluminum frames?****
I have ridden on reynolds 853 and 631 steel for several years and this thing seems somewhat fragile although very fast. Thanks again.
Aluminum frames are stiff!guido
Feb 9, 2002 5:54 PM
The guys at Cinelli have an impeccable reputation going back over 50 years. If the bike's fast, that means it's responding to pedaling input efficiently. Flexing would produce the opposite sensation, a sluggish response.

You've just got to tame that high spirited ride, make it work with you. Once you get the feel of it, it'll pay back your efforts beyond expectations. Have fun getting to know it!
Check your headset adjustment...DINOSAUR
Feb 11, 2002 8:16 PM
Make sure your headset is adjusted. I just replaced my stem and noticed a little front end wobble on my Klein and I adjusted the headset and it went away....