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Anyone with an Abici?(5 posts)

Anyone with an Abici?Pairee Roobay
Feb 8, 2002 7:51 AM
Anyone out there have any experience with the Abici's? I just got one a few months ago and was wondering what other people's perceptions were. For those who haven't heard of/seen them,
re: Anyone with an Abici?raboboy
Feb 8, 2002 9:00 AM
I was looking at them, but haven't bought yet.
What's your opinion on yours?
Thought you might ask that...Paree Roobay
Feb 8, 2002 4:44 PM
Well, this is my first compact geometry frame. I have it built up with full Campy Chorus, and it is pretty damn light but I kinda doubt that the frame is the claimed 2.9 or whatever pounds. I have the extra large, and it fits pretty nicely. I expected it to be larger than it is; the actual tt length is 59cm, but it feels pretty short for me and I have a 140mm stem on. I dunno... maybe my arms are just long. Usually a 60-61 tt fits me well, so who knows. As for the ride, I am coming from alu and this frame is smoother than my old Klein. Especially with the Ouzo fork, it is quite nice to ride. Stiffness is good... at first the BB seemed really flexy to me, but as I kept riding I realized it is more lateral chainstay flex that is imperceptible while riding. In low gears climbing up steep Seattle hills the front end constantly pops up becuase the rear triangle is so tight and stiff... I consider this a positive attribute. The handling is pretty much standard road-race stable, and seems perky enough for some tight crits but stable enough for long slow riding. This thing is a track stand beast, by the way. As for the company, I wouldn't buy this frame at full price, which is now $1600. I got mine for $700 through some kind of NWcycling deal, and that was reasonable. The frameset is worth it, but the company is still showing its age. They didn't even send me a headset even though the guy promised it would come INSTALLED, I didn't get any hardware for the frame, which should have been a brake bolt for the fork, a carbon steerer cap and star nut for the Ouzo steerer tube, Ergo cable stops on the downtube, fr. der. clamp, seatpost clamp. It took them about 3 weeks for them to get these to me, which was not really that bad but I had no bike during that time as I had already begun to transfer the parts when I got the frame. In sum, I like my bike and would likely buy it again if the same situation arose, but definetely not at full price. There are simply better deals out there for the price. Also, I expected the frame to be larger than it is, and would like to be a little more stretched out. Though, this is my fault and you can't blame the fit on the frame. Hope this helps...
Klein makes Abici...Ride-Fly
Feb 11, 2002 1:38 AM
except now I think a "former" Klein frame builder does all the work himself. This was because Trek, the parent company of Klein, decided to consolidate all production of the Trek group to their Wisconsin factory. I love my '00 Klein Q Race but I have wondered how the Abici Columbus Starship-tubed frame feels compared to Klein's Gradient tubing. BTW, how old was your Klein? It's interesting that you say the Abici feels smoother because I feel the Klein is pretty dang smooth in its own right. I would definately consider the Abici for my next ride, especially at that price.
Feb 8, 2002 11:41 AM
its new and my knee is still bum so i cant give it a true hard ride..very nice and a good price..i mainly bought it because of the long headtube and short toptube, although this i think is probably typical of most compact or semi compact frames is only beef is that the cable guide on the chainstay sticks out a bit and i clip it sometimes, not really a problem though and i scrounging for a complaint..another bad point is the company is a bit spacey, delivered it late and forgot the headset..another complaint is it has a web site on the top tube..but all in all im very happy..and it fits which is what im happiest with