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Cycling in Richardson TX(7 posts)

Cycling in Richardson TXGreenie
Feb 7, 2002 5:20 PM
I have a friend who is might be moving to Richardson TX and was wondering what the road cycling is like there. Can anybody comment on what the cycling scene is like near UT Dallas and in the Dallas area in general for road riding?


re: Cycling in Richardson TXTig
Feb 7, 2002 6:16 PM
Richardson borders Plano, which is where Lance grew up and started riding from. I travel to Richardson occasionally for work, but there isn't much for local riding. I'd guess that the best rides are a short distance away to get away from the urban sprawl. Plano is closer to some rural roads.

Try these sites and their links. The Plano site looks better. Look at the club rides section. The best way to learn where the best rides are is to ride with local club.
re: Cycling in Richardson TXJawa
Feb 7, 2002 8:55 PM
If your friend is going to UT Dallas he will literally be accross the street fromone of the better bike shops I have been in, Richardson Bike Mart. They support cycling pretty well. They also have rides from the shop on weekends. I have been on a few myself.
re: Cycling in Richardson TXguido
Feb 7, 2002 10:03 PM
There are alot of serious roadies in Dallas. The ride from Richardson Bike Mart used to be 30-60 strong. They'd do 35 or more miles into the countryside east of Dallas, or around White Rock Lake. Hundreds of Dallas riders show up at the Hottern' Hell Hundred every year only a couple of hours up the Interstate in Wichita Falls.

Y'all kin come on over h'yer tew Tyler an' ride th' hills in Beauty and the Beast, too. Check out:
lots of roadies thereAliceFromDallas
Feb 8, 2002 5:27 AM
Richardson Bike Mart has some of the most popular group rides. I usually see 50+ people on weekends. It's also one of the best stores in the area. They have alot of high end stuff (seven, colnago, serotta, corima etc...)
How are the roads?Greenie
Feb 8, 2002 6:58 AM
Thanks for the reply. How are the roads in that area? Are there enough bike lanes or nice streets to get good workouts during the weekdays?

How are the roads?JimP
Feb 8, 2002 7:55 AM
The roads are quite good in that area. Many folks ride north into Collin county to get out of civilization where the traffic is less. The country can be rolling or flat depending on which direction you go. The weather is normally good - warm in the summer - but can have a south wind that can be discouraging. The Richardson Bike shop club has weekly and some weeknight rides.