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OLN Canada sucks!(10 posts)

OLN Canada sucks!Velocipedio
Feb 7, 2002 6:19 AM
I'm really steamed at the Canadian media. I just read a letter in Velonews that OLN Canada, the Canadian counterpart of the Outdoor Life Network, has no plans to air any bicycle races this year, except for the Tour de France. So I called them, and it turns out that the Tour isn't even a sure thing. Moreover, the woman I spoke to as OLN Canada's audience relations said "we understand there are other bike races." THEY DON'T EVEN KNOW!

This explains why Roland Green could have been overlooked by Canadian sportswriters for Canadian Athlete of the Year. [The MTB World Champion, in their estimation, is less of an "athlete of the year" than a golfer ranked eighth in the world!]

It's not like OLN Canada doesn't have access to cycling -- they have a deal with OLNTV in the states. And it's not like they don't have time to schedule it, OLN Canada's programming day is packed with such priceless programming as lumberjack and world's strongets man pseudo-sports [many of which are several years old]. They even air motorcycle racing. Hell, if motorcycle racing is an outdoor sport, I'd say cycling is, too.

I don't know what to do except to encourage people to write and phone OLN Canada, to let them know that, yes, there ARE other races and, yes, we would like to see them. I think they think cycling is a fringe sport that no one watches -- unlike lumberjacking.

The OLN audience relations e-mail address is , their phone number is 416-490-7030.
Most everything in Canada sucks.Dog Breath
Feb 7, 2002 9:18 AM
They are a marginal second-world country with a Liberal dictator, 60cent dollar, no military, and a welfare queen.

They seem to thrive on violence. Just look at their national sport - hockey. If you want more cycling in Canada, you are going to have to talk the UCI into allowing fighting during racing.

Don't expect too much from Canaduh!
Is this butt leakage?tempeteKerouak
Feb 7, 2002 10:19 AM
Wow! At first I felt really mad about this post. But then I thought about who would post something like that.

I am a Quebecer. A french peasoup eater. Not a french canadian; A Quebecer. Therefore I should not feel too hurt about what you claim. But then I think that if you wrote something so stupid about any other country, my reaction would be the same. Man, you stink bad.

I will not discuss politics or economics. We probably agree on this; Canada has nothing to be proud of, especially when pictured kneeling to an arrogant blood thirsty american ignorant dictator.

But I am proud of the fact that you recognise the absence of military. I do not feel threatened by anybody or feel the insecurity to "secure" an artificial way of life with the power of violence. We don't own guns either and we don't carry death penalty. We can walk in our cities without fear and we have no history of racism or slavery.

Unfortunately, the lower standard of life brought to Canada by the best of american culture has had it's mishaps; we've had to copy some of the ultimate fighting and WWF (howgreat is that for my kids, thanks!). Plus we get to see all the beautiful movies produced by your great culture; all sort of realistic facts and values to make me a better being; aliens and martians, one man army with never ending bullet supplies against the rest of the world, plastic women that are only there for sex...

And fighting in hockey; it is bad. It is so bad it's been on demand for airtime in the new concessions of the league. The american dictated league's commission can't seem to come to terms with the fact that there are rules to follow and apply. I don't watch it anymore. I just play with the kids. And they don't go "bang bang" or "drop'em" all the time.

I can only laugh knowing that I live in such an unsignificant country where we still don't confuse elections and frak show. Plus we get to watch Saturday Night Live!

It's one thing to be ignorant. It's a humble situation that means no wrong.
But to be ignorant AND arrogant about it...

The thing that sucks most about Canada is not closeness to america. It's closeness to people like you. There is a difference.
Quite right. I've never been to Quebec, but my . . .morrison
Feb 7, 2002 2:04 PM
wife and I frequently travel to British Columbia. Vancouver is a wonderful city with numerous outdoor activities. The cycling is fantastic. There are some great spins around the sound, and that park (I think it's called Stanley Park?) is outstanding!

Vancouver Island (not to be confused with Vancouver) is one of nicest places I've ever been, and I've been on six of the seven continents (yet to visit Antarctica; probably won't unless they develope a tour). Victoria is a fantastic city with great food, nice shops, it's cycling friendly, and there is a bar every 8 feet (making a Friday night sort of like an adult version of trick-or-treating!).

When I read stuff like what was written above, it makes me feel embarassed. The U.S. is a great country, and I love living here. But ours is not the only (or even, in many ways, the best) way of life.

By the by (I realize this is nonresponsive to the above), whatever happened to the Meech Lake (did I spell that right?) movement in the late 80s? I remember cycling through Britain with a couple of Canadians, er, Quebecers, I met along the way, and they spent countless hours explaining to me why Quebec would secede from Canada, and how it would be the better for it. As I recall, a lot of the opposition came from the poorer Eastern Provinces like New Foundland and Nova Scotia (for economic reasons).

I'll shut up now . . .
It's not good if all you have to drape yourself is a flag!tempeteKerouak
Feb 7, 2002 2:48 PM
You got it all right.
For the little history, in the 90's I've lived/worked and/or travelled through every province of Canada. B.C. is my favorite place.

I've also travelled across U.S. more than once, fishing and hiking from Michigan to North Dakota, then south through the rockies and mid-west to New Mexico. Whish I could live in Montana or Colorado.

I then moved to Australia and lived in Melbourne for a year, working hard. Always on a shoestring, not even enough money to come back! (note: I've always had my bike with me!) I also spent time in Malaysia, France, Germany, I worked in Belgium which is also a dual culture/language country. And last year ago I visited the in-laws in Nelson (N.Z.)

Today; my wife (for two years already) is a Polish-born New-Zealander who speaks fluantly 5 languages and mixes fine with any Quebecer.

The point is; this is Quebec: We have dorks and morons. We fight over language and the color of money. But come to Montreal and you will ALSO see diversity and open minds. Not because they are like me or think like me... Because there's something special. We get american liberalism and european existencialism if you know what I mean. I feel very privileged to live here. My english is not perfect, but so isn't the world.

I don't really feel confortable discussing local national politics (here!) when there are so many more important things going on in the world. I appreciate your concern. But I also happen to have graduated in international politics and Law School (That is why I went away actually, couldn't handle 20 years of school without seeing the world!) And this stuff is just too much "in my face" all the time. It is also why I like biking and fishing, skiing... And why I read this board.

It's not good if all you have to drape yourself is a flag! Mine is not thicker than anyother.

Be good!
Most everything in Canada sucks.Spunner
Feb 7, 2002 10:19 AM
Thats the kinda response I would expect a dumbass redneck to come up with, look beyond your own backyard bud...theres a whole world out there.
Here's a joke for you - ehEdimus
Feb 7, 2002 10:48 AM
A Canadian is having his 'petit dejeuner' (coffee, croissants, bread, butter & jam) when an American man, chewing gum, sits down next to him. The Canadian ignores the American who, nevertheless, starts a conversation.

American: "You Canada folk eat the whole bread??"

Canadian (in a bad mood): "Of course."

American: (after blowing a huge bubble) "We don't. In the States, we only eat what's inside. The crusts we collect in a container, recycle it, transform them into croissants and sell them to Canada." The American has a smirk on his face.
The Canadian listens in silence.

The American persists: "D'ya eat jelly with the bread??"

Canadian: "Of Course."

American: (cracking his gum between his teeth and chuckling). "We don't. In the States we eat fresh fruit for breakfast, then we put all the peels, seeds, and leftovers in containers, recycle them, transform them into jam and sell the jam to Canada."

The Canadian then asks: "Do you have sex in America?"

American: "Why of course we do", the American says with a big smirk.

Canadian: And what do you do with the condoms once you've used them?"

American: "We throw them away, of course."

Canadian: "We don't. In Canada, we put them in a container, recycle them, melt them down into chewing gum and sell them to America."
re: OLN Canada sucks!xx
Feb 7, 2002 11:51 AM
If we aren't careful this post exchange is not going to be cycling based, however, I have to add something. I am an American who grew up playing hockey (best sport in the world). I even had a chance to play in Canada (thrill of a kid's lifetime).

A few years ago I was at a St. Louis Blues dinner and Don Cherry was the guest speaker. If you are from Canada or play hockey you know he is. He had a joke that was pretty darn funny, at least when he told it.

"Do you know why Canadiens always have sex doggy style?"

"So both the guy and gal can watch Hockey Night in Canada"

He concluded with that in Canada, if it aint hockey it aint sh#$$%%$t.
New topic...areo wheels?Spunner
Feb 7, 2002 12:53 PM
Your right man, if ignorance is bliss then Dog Breath is in heaven.
Anyways, I have a set of mavix cxp 31's on my bike and there a wee bit heavy any suggs for a more areo set thats not going to break the bank?
Velomax. (nm)morrison
Feb 4, 2002 11:04 AM