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Does anyone own a Rivendell?(3 posts)

Does anyone own a Rivendell?Sharky
Feb 7, 2002 4:35 AM
I was wondering how the ride compared to most bikes with racing geometry. Their long chainstays, low bottom brackets, and slack head and seat angles are much different than most racing bikes. Are fast rides or racing practical on these?
My wife Miss M has one. No way you are going to race on that longMB1
Feb 7, 2002 4:51 AM
wheelbase. Plus it is far too nice of a bike to risk in pack racing. Fast rides are no problem.
re: Does anyone own a Rivendell?Ray
Feb 7, 2002 5:43 AM
I have one from about five years ago, before they were custom (and when they were only expensive, rather than astronomically so). I heard stories of a few people actually racing them (road races, not crits), but I agree with MB1 that it isn't the best geometry for racing (although now that they're custom, you could probably get one in a raceable geometry, but the stays would still be longer than normal and the BB would be too low for pedaling through fast corners in a crit). And that they're just way to pretty to submit to the rigors of racing.

In terms of ride, I also have a Merckx ti AX and the Riv is slightly more stable but it still gets on down the road as fast as you want to take it. I take the Riv on all kinds of rides, including all day rides where I want to maintain a good pace but not at full intensity. I tend to take the Merckx on rides up to 40-50 miles when I feel like hammering (or what passes for it in my world). Either bike would be fine for both types of riding, but the Merckx more or less demands that you go fast and on the Riv it's a bit more optional.