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Wheels Manufacturing Aftermarket 10 speed cassette(4 posts)

Wheels Manufacturing Aftermarket 10 speed cassetteBillingham
Feb 6, 2002 2:48 PM
Are there any Campy owners who run this cassette on their drivetrain in order to use wheelsets with shimano hubs? If so, could you tell me how easy it is to setup and more importantly, do you feel as though your drivetrain performs and shifts smoothly with this aftermarket cassette in place of a regular Campagnolo cassette?

Using this cassette, do you still have 10 separate cogs to shift among?
partly discussedjohan burnt eels
Feb 6, 2002 3:03 PM
I think the Wheels manfacturing solution is laughableVentouxLuke
Feb 6, 2002 3:29 PM
Basically you are paying about $150 for an Ultegra cassette and I know plenty of people who have tried it without complete success. The reason Velomax pushes the Wheels solution so much is because they are either too lazy ass, too cheap or too unconcerned about Campagnolo customers to build a set of wheels with Campagnolo campatable hubs and thus solve the problem right the first time. By their refusal to produce Campagnolo campatable wheelsets they are basically saying that they don't care about that customer segment in my opinion. I run Chorus 10 speed and I'm certainly not about to slap some ridiculous Wheels manufacturing cassette or any other silly cassette with a bunch of plastic spacers on my drivetrain just to run a Velomax wheel. Perhaps someday when they realize how much business they are losing they will change. But I'm not holding my breath. Just a bad half ass monkey rig solution to a simple problem in my view.
I just ordered one...koala
Feb 7, 2002 6:03 AM
The campy mechanic has one on his dream with record and says it shifts flawlessly. On his say so I ordered one so I could keep my mavic classics pro wheelset.