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Fixed Gear frame? Anyone? (xpost from SS forum)(1 post)

Fixed Gear frame? Anyone? (xpost from SS forum)DAS
Feb 5, 2002 9:01 AM
"Fixed Gear frame? Anyone?"
As many of you know, I recently acquired a Soma Rush Fixed Gear bike. I ride the hell out of it and love to ride Fixed.

BUT, it's too small. I'm going to try a longer stem, but the frame is really just too dang small. I just plain bought the wrong size, period. I'm not
that smart. It's a c-to-c 53cm, c-to-t 54cm. Top tube is about 55cm actual. I really need more like a 56cm or 58cm ST, preferably with a long
TT, like 58cm.

This frame is Reynolds 631, in the same class as a Bianchi Pista or Surly Steamroller. Very cool, no one else has one, Kermit Green color.
Retail was $450 for frame/fork. Chicks dig 'em.

I'm looking for someone who might be up for a straight up swap frame/fork/headset. Maybe someone out there has a Fixie that is an inch too
long? Please send inquiries to

I know I'm not THAT crazy b/c I already got one inquiry from the ad I put in Classifieds at

Feel the Fixie love!

PS. Getting ready to ride this Soma Mamma in the Solvang Century soon. 100 miles...NO COASTING. Hello Pain!