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You think this tyre is still safe?(6 posts)

You think this tyre is still safe?TrekMan
Feb 5, 2002 8:15 AM
One of my tyres, a Vittorria Corsa Open CX, has a cut from the centre of the tread to the edge of the tread. The cut doesn't go all the way to the carcass (right name for the main body for the tyre?) of the tyre, just into the tread a bit. So is it safe to still use this tyre on the road, or should it be relegated to turbo use?
re: You think this tyre is still safe?PaulCL
Feb 5, 2002 8:27 AM
I ride the same tires. They get cuts all of the time. I bought some "shoe goo" at Walmart to repair the tire. Squeeze some goo into the cut, scrape it off, let it dry and ride that dog! If you replace these tires with every minor cut or slash, you'll spend a fortune. By the way, the best deals on these tires are at for about $24 each.
re: You think this tyre is still safe?DINOSAUR
Feb 5, 2002 8:36 AM
Small cuts are O.K. but you should keep an eye on it. Often another object will be sucked into the cut and it will become larger. My policy on tires that if it's enough to cause me concern, and I think about it when I ride, I chuck over presense of mind...
i agreeDog
Feb 5, 2002 1:39 PM
The next time you're doing 50 mph down a hill, what will you be thinking about?

A cut means other things could penetrate more easily, a bump could rupture it, or the tube might start bubbling out and then blow. Don't take any chances.

Besides, if you have a trainer, you'll destroy tires on it, and it won't matter much if you have a blowout there. I think I have about a 10 year supply of trainer tires in the garage right now...

Key questionKerry Irons
Feb 5, 2002 5:41 PM
Can you see the casing threads? If yes, then your ice just got thinner. If any of them are cut, then pitch the tire. If the cut is just in the rubber, you're not running much risk.
Hell Yeah!Dog Breath
Feb 5, 2002 6:53 PM
Deflate it. Crazy glue it. Let it set. Reinflate. Monitor it.

If you have a **small** enough cut on the tread (not sidewall) that has punctured the casing do the same thing, and then patch the inside so the tube stays in place and doesn't get damaged by the frayed cords. Guys are using duct tape or the sticky end of a Fed-Ex pak (not envelope). This has been going on for years. Park Tire boots work great for a few rides, or in an emergency, but then crack causing slow leaks.