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best treatment for saddle sores(6 posts)

best treatment for saddle soresTravis
Feb 5, 2002 1:47 AM
please don't tell me it is to stop riding until they heal...
re: best treatment for saddle soresxxl
Feb 5, 2002 2:38 AM
I've had very good luck with diaper rash ointments, if you can get past the smell. I've heard guys that need to ride through the sores (i.e., pro racers) sometimes wear two pair of shorts, but I can't say if it works.

Nobody but another rider would appreciate it, but those sores are badges of honor.
Keep it cleanMcAndrus
Feb 5, 2002 5:05 AM
Keep the sore clean - soap and water - and apply an antibacterial ointment. This method works pretty well for me and usually clears it up in a day or two. I use Neosporin or a generic version antibacterial.

If the saddlesores are chronic, you might consider applying Bag Balm, Chamois Butter, or another ointment to yourself and your shorts before a ride.

As far as riding, I've never had one serious enough to stop me and I've had a couple that were legitimate open wounds. Just be careful where you sit.
Discussed yesterday....Len J
Feb 5, 2002 5:09 AM
Follow this link, good info.

virgin's breast milk - cures everything nmjohan burnt eels
Feb 5, 2002 5:49 AM
Ichthammol 10% ointment, USPTig
Feb 5, 2002 6:22 AM
Found in any drug store for under $1. You may need to ask for it since it is usually behind the counter, but no prescription required. It looks and smells nasty, but works like nothing else to draw a boil out. Use a good dab and cover with a Band Aid.

For less than $1, everyone should have some in there medicine cabinet.