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stem questions(2 posts)

stem questionsGall
Feb 4, 2002 5:22 PM
hello again...

took the road "good" bike out for the first time since october. it felt like my reach to the bar was too cramped. i am using a 9 cm on my 52 cm frame.

all winter i ve been riding my mt bike with a 12 cm stem and my cyclocross bike with a 10 cm stem. this stem has a 105 rise on it.

i was going to get a longer stem but i am not sure if i should get a 10 cm or a 11 cm. is it wise to increase stem length by 2 cm at one time or should i just go for 1 cm at a time? what is the "recommended" way of increasing your stem length?

thanks again for your help!
If it feels good, do it.grzy
Feb 4, 2002 5:50 PM
Ain't no way anyone can answer that, but yourself. What you ride on your other bikes doesn't mean that much since each frame and how you fit on it is going to be different. 2 cm is still less than and inch, but it is a big difference - chances are very high that you won't do any lasting damage. If you want an "expert" opinion it's going to have to come from someone who can see you on the bike. Even then it's only an opinion and it's worth what you paid for it. Excessively long or short stems aren't advised since they make the bike handle differently than intended. Pick one and try it.