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Pump for Trek 5200(7 posts)

Pump for Trek 5200booner
Feb 4, 2002 10:01 AM
New to cycling, bought a friends 2001 Trek 5200 . Bought a frame pump but because of the rounded corners the pump won't fit (slides down). I was trying to mount it under the top tube. It won't fit any other place. Any suggestions on how to get the pump on the bike?

What type of pump is preferred frame pump, mini pump, frame pump, CO2, etc.? Coming from a mountain biking background I've had my share of flats so I come prepared.

I throw a mini in my jersey and I'm out the door. . .morrison
Feb 4, 2002 10:12 AM
I've used CO2, but it is a pain in the a$$ if you are patching your tubes b/c you tend to use a lot of the stuff just fixing the tube.

I know guys who complain about how long it takes to fill a tube with a mini, but it's not all that bad.

On long rides, though, or when I care about my speed, I snap the frame pump on. It is a little easier to use.

There. I've answered your question without answering it. Buy all three. Do your part to help the retail economy.
I have a 5500.......Len J
Feb 4, 2002 10:19 AM
and as you now know it doesn't have, what is called a pump peg. A pump peg on a frame allows you to mount a frame pump easily.

I carry one or two spare tubes(depending on length of ride) a patch kit (Park) and 2 to 3 CO2 cartridges. I worry about fixing tubes at home, the patch kit is in rare cases of multiple punctures. I will also carry a mini-pump if I am using my camel-back (just put it in side. But then I was a boy scout & believe in being prepared.

I know some guys who carry CO2 but count on someone else having a frame pump if they flat in a group ride.

I have a steel bike with a triple on it for touring that has a pump peg, I carry a frame pump always on this bike.

re: Pump for Trek 5200HMS
Feb 4, 2002 10:58 AM
I started out just carrying two CO2 cartriges and a spare tube. Then, I had two flats on one ride and a CO2 cartridge that didn't work. My wife rescued me from that ride. But, I learned my lesson. Now I carry two tubes, two CO2 cartriges and a mini pump.
Mini PumpsDog Breath
Feb 4, 2002 12:52 PM
I have a Torelli MiniPump which is 65gms, 6.5 inches long. Very light and compact, but not terribly capable or efficient. I tend to get most of my flats within 10 miles of home so it works for me. I pump as much air as I can into the tyre and ride the 10 miles back home.

The Crank Brothers minipump is even shorter than the Torelli and 95gms. It is apparently a much better choice as it has a dual mode to help with resistance at higher pressures. Will probably invest in one of these soon.
Mini Pumpshate flats
Feb 4, 2002 8:14 PM
I have a 5200 with Rolfs. Got my first flat on the way to a large group ride. Had only two small CO2 cart. and a tube from my old bike! Why can't I get this stupid stem to go thru this rim!!! DUH Lucky I had a patch kit. I now only ride with spin skins, three large CO2, a patch kit, and a new tube. No mini for me. I'm not going to turn around and go home because I can't get my tire up!!
Feb 4, 2002 8:04 PM
If you want to carry a full length frame pump you can pack a Blackburn FP1(?) and rig up a pump peg using a zip lock tie secured around the headtube (per instructions)..the trouble I found is if someday you decide to take off that zip lock tie it's darn near impossible without scratching your frame...also you will need to cinch down the pump or it will rattle like crazy on a al bike...

There are several mini's on the market that have a double action pump that you can attach to your water bottle cage..

Or you can go the CO2 route, then you will have decide on which cartridge, 12g or 16g. The 12g is good for about 80lbs in a 700x23 tire, a 16g will get you up to 120psi. Then again the 16g are more expensive at around $2.00 a cartridge, the 12g go for around $.50 as you can purchase them in bulk in places such as KMart (if KMart exists anymore).

Personally I like to pack 12g CO2 with a double action mini as a backup. Forty strokes with my mini gets me up to 80psi then I finish off with CO2 which brings me up to 120psi.

It's a matter of preference....a full length frame pump will never let you down, CO2 is easy to use, the mini works well and doens't clutter up the looks of the top tube..

I pack a couple of spare tubes and repair them when I get home and use them for spares when I'm low on replacement tubes (I purchase them in bulk when they are on sale). Don't mess with changing a flat on the road, sometimes the patch won't adhere and you will be screwed..

Just pack whatever inflation system you decide to go with, a couple of spare tubes, and a tire patch kit and you are set..