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Light frame v's light wheels(4 posts)

Light frame v's light wheelstreetop
Feb 4, 2002 9:27 AM
With a minimum weight limit in place for race bikes in Pro races will the advances in weight loss now be focused more on wheels? If rotational weight is more important would a bike generally perform better with a slighty heavier frame with super lightweight wheel than a bike weighing the same but with a lighter frame but more weight in the wheels?

Will frame wieghts know steady them selves or will manufactures continue to save more wieght from them?
Feb 4, 2002 11:37 AM
Keep in mind that even with the weight minimums and the ability to get bikes that light, many of them are not even close. Even the "climbing" bikes reportedly run around 15.5 pounds (half a pound "heavy").

Remember the saying, "to finish first, you must first finish." Reliability counts for a lot. The pros must be keen to this, or we would expect them to be riding 14.99 pound bikes in every event. They are often on 17 pound bikes. There must be a reason.

Wheel weight will come down, as long as reliability (no. 1), handling (braking and cornering), cost, and aerodynamics are there.

I haven't seen anyone adding ballast, yet. :-)

BTW, does anyone know what is included on the bike when weighed for UCI purposes -- computer, bottle cages, bottles -- is it "as ridden?"

UCI Sez...Xeke
Feb 4, 2002 9:40 PM
Article 1.3.019: "The weight of the bicycle cannot be less to 6.8 kg." (Not my translation; that's what it says).

Considering the various attachments allowed on TT bikes, the implication would be that the bike is weighed 'as ridden.' I recall a press dispatch during the Vuelta mentioning that anything bolted on or zip-tied to the bike counts, i.e. race numbers yes, bottles no, cages yes....

What about the TT frame that had a fluid bladder internal to the down tube? Hmmm....
UCI Sez...Dog
Feb 5, 2002 6:22 AM
Makes sense it would include anything attached, otherwise you could just pitch it up a hill.

There probably aren't that many bikes under 15 pounds that include everything, as ridden. It would probably only apply in the smallest frame sizes, like Pantani's.

Not an issue with a TT bike, as they run a pound or two heavier than a "normal" bike.