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Which Triple Crown Event should we do? (Double Centuries not horse racing).(6 posts)

Which Triple Crown Event should we do? (Double Centuries not horse racing).MB1
Feb 4, 2002 8:56 AM
We have a lot of frequent flyer miles available and Miss M has the itch to travel. We are thinking about flying to California to do a double century or perhaps a 600K brevet.

My favorite doubles are the Eastern Sierra and the Central Coast. I'm looking for some thoughts from riders that have done the Triple Crown. Which is your favorite. Not just the ride but the ambiance too-we want to have a good time not just drive ourselves into the ground.

If anyone is familiar with any of the California Brevet series we are also thinking about either the Davis or SLO 600K brevet.

Anybody got any suggestions?
One Data Pointgrzy
Feb 4, 2002 10:06 AM
I've only done the Terrible Two of the listed rides. Everything else is supposed to be easier although I don't see how it could be better organized or supported. The Devil Mountain Double, the Central Coast Double and the TT make up the stage race so you have a mass start and people going for time. This keeps things at a high level.

Don't do the Terrible Two (tandem right?) unless you really want to suffer. It's an awesome ride and very well supported, but gruelling. Don't get me wrong - it's great to see tandems on the event (even better to draft), and screaming through Napa and Sonoma Valleys with the sun coming up is way cool, but the climbs are heinous and have to be worse on a tandem. The descents can be downright scarey - logging roads that happened to sort of get paved. Hanging out in Santa Rosa is pretty cool - as long as you don't include the hospital when your buds wreck (from testosterone poisoning). Other than the food and extremely helpful volunteers I kinda missed any ambiance on the rides - the doubles take too long to get in much socializing and you have to keep the hustle on so you don't get shut down. The Central Valley is OK for riding, but gets a bit monotomous after you're used to the coast and the mountains. A cool ride would be making up your own route in the Lake Tahoe area. This could include some of the famous Death Ride climbs/descents as well as a loop around the lake (clock wise prefered due to traffic concerns). Probably the most beautiful ride is the Tour of the Unknown Coast out of Eureka. There is a century in the spring and also a multi day event later in the year. Blasting through the Avenue of the Giants and then climbing Panther Gap is spectacular. Near the end The Wall (19%) and The Endless Hills will keep you honest - this ride is back-end loaded. The first half is easy and sucks you in the last half spits you out.
Feb 4, 2002 11:26 AM
I'd say that over all, the CCD is the most fun. Going up the California coastline for 40 miles is very scenic, plus it has plenty of challenging hills. The support is great, there are lots of fun people to ride with, and lots of good scenery.

The Terrible Two is really tough -- lots of hills, it gets hot, rough roads, and people hammer like hell. It's warfare.

The Solvang Double just goes by too quickly, but if you want one without big hills, it's fine. It also has a lot of turns through towns, but some have been eliminated this year.

The Eastern Sierra and Death Valley doubles are only for those who like stark, barren scenery and potentially lots of wind. I would not come all the way to California for them.

I haven't done Davis, but I understand it's a mob scene. Just too many people.

There's always the double option for Climb to Kaiser this year, if you really like climbing.

I'd recommend Central Coast.

I've done the CCD 3 times, like it a lot. How about Solvang fixed or SS?MB1
Feb 4, 2002 12:19 PM
Miss M hasn't done CCD but one of our first rides together we did the Nipomo-Ferguson grade and lots of the coast. We rode for 3 days based in Morro Bay.

We did Solvang twice together. It might be fun to do SS or fixed if it wern't for those darn winds. We are looking for a fun challenging 3 day weekend kind of thing.

Anyone know anything about the brevets? 600K would make for a nice weekend
a double, fixed?Dog
Feb 5, 2002 12:57 PM
I've heard of single speeders doing doubles, but not fixers. That would be some work. But, I think there aren't any hills that would prohibit it. With someone to work with, you could rotate and handle the wind. It's the downhills that would wear me out (150 rpms near the end of a double would be tough).

Never did a brevet. Sounds like fun, though.

Maybe you should think about Terrible Two if you have done the others. Just take low gears. It's actally a lot of fun, and you can do some wine tasting.

I've done the Davis double twiceRoger
Feb 5, 2002 11:52 AM
well supported, tons and tons of riders. The first couple hours are flat, and then become pretty as you get near Lake Berryessa heading toward Napa, mostly rolling hills thru to lunch. After lunch, the second hundred gets hot with almost complete exposure, plus a climb that with the heat seems longer than it is. After the climb you get back into some pretty terrain and country roads running along a river. You finally end up in the flats of the Valley and it's lower your head grind flats for the last couple hours. All exposed farm roads not much scenery. The last two years it's been either over 100 degrees or close to it in the afternoons.