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Riding in New Orleans(8 posts)

Riding in New Orleansmoneyman
Feb 4, 2002 7:56 AM
I have to go to New Orleans for a meeting the end of February. I will be staying in the French Quarter and will not have a car available. I will have a few extra days prior to the meeting that are free and am wondering if it would be worth bringing my bike along. Any opinions?

re: Riding in New Orleansmr_spin
Feb 4, 2002 8:52 AM
I've only been there once, without a bike. I drove around quite a bit, and my recollection is that if you cross the river and head south, there are plenty of country roads. You can't go very far without hitting water of some kind, so you'll do a lot of twisting and turning to get in some decent mileage. Watch out for alligators or crocodiles, I forget which. (Watch out for both, just to be safe!) Lots of other critters, too. Those crocs can run 40 mph, so think of them as a big, fast, really vicious dog. Except spraying them with water won't work!
re: Riding in New Orleansloop
Feb 4, 2002 10:29 AM

I just tried posting a response, but it didn't appear to go through, so I apologize if this ends up being a double....

I live in NOLA. The riding opportunities here are few and far between. Basically, we have two safe areas in which to ride. By safe I mean the likelihood of getting squashed by our "world class" smash-up derby drivers and/or getting swallowed by a sink-hole sized pot hole are less than 50%. First, along the south shore of Lake Ponch. there's a park that runs approximately 6.5 miles in each direction. Traffic is limited on the weekends, and that's where most of the local bikers and triathletes train, spinning 13 mile loops until they quit out of boredom. On the south (really west) bank of the river, there's another 5 mile stretch of road, but it's not frequented by many cyclists and the safety margin degrades substantially. I'll give you directions if you really want them.

Most of the good riding is on the north shore of the Lake. Sorry...that doesn't apprear to help. Don't worry...the Quarter will provide plenty of amusement, though, even in spite of the post-Mardi Gras hangover it'll have.

give this a trygrandemamou
Feb 4, 2002 11:27 AM

If your looking for a work out I doubt you'd get one in or around the French Quarter. The streets are real narrow, alot of pedestrians and cars.

If you just want to cruise around you should be fine but the area is pretty small and easily walkable. Also,it's pretty easy to find yourself in a section of town you might not want to be in. So I would check with the hotel and get a lay of the land.
Feb 4, 2002 12:21 PM
you know, given the Quarter's cobble stones, pedestrians, peddlers and mountains of post Mardi Gras trash, it could potentially be Paris Roubaix meets Cyclocross meets the Running of the Bulls....

NOBC isn't too active right now, but some of their folks are still riding the Lakefront in the afternoons.
Feb 4, 2002 1:24 PM
A few options -
You can get on the Mississippi river levee at Audubon
park : there's a paved trail that goes about 14 miles
upriver. It's really not bad at all for a MUT.

Lakeshore drive is reasonably pleasant on the weekends.

Here's a link:

Riding in NOLA can be ok if you don't mind dukeing it out
with traffic. You can ride from the Quarter to either the
Lakeshore, or the river trail, as long as you don't mind
some "excitement"

The biggest thing is not to wander off into any undesireable
neighborhoods. It's easy to do if you don't stay on the
main roads.

Anyhow, if you want directions for my "one lap of NOLA"
ride, drop me an e-mail at

Hey Loop - Where Y'at?

Zachary Broussard
Feb 4, 2002 1:46 PM

I've been trying to answer this, but my &%^*ing firewall wasn't shutting everything down. Technology is great. Kinda.

Anyhow, I'm a Lakeviewian, thus my predisposition for the Lakefront route. I forgot about the M. River Levee...a good cyclocross ride.

I've been living here for about a year but haven't been biking in five months. I sold my tri-bike after my work schedule got outa control. Got a new road rig in-bound, though, and I'm looking forward to riding again. ...Even if I've got to dodge the pot-holes.

Thanks, allmoneyman
Feb 4, 2002 1:55 PM
I think I'll leave the bike at home this time. Thanks a bunch for the information, though.