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Another chain-skipping problem. HELP! Thanks.(6 posts)

Another chain-skipping problem. HELP! Thanks.nigel
Feb 4, 2002 7:17 AM
Good Day All,

Similar but not exactly like our buddy Dog's chain problem (he posted a bit earlier on), here's my deal:

My chain (relatively new) has begun REFUSING to settle onto one of the larger (easier-gear) cogs of my cassette. I installed a brand-new 12-27 Shimano Ultegra 9-speed cassette around Xmas for winter spinning miles. Everything was going perfectly. I had a Chris King headset installed a couple of weeks later. Since then, my chain simply WILL NOT land itself on my 24-tooth cog (the next-to-largest one). It either (reluctantly) jumps UP to the 27, where it settles, or skips back down to the 21 (the third-largest cog).

I've tried fiddling with the barrel adjusters in TINY increments, looked for tight chain links, and even relubed my chain, but to no avail.

Why won't my derailleur shift into my 24-tooth cog? Heeeellllllpp!

MANY thanks, folks. (I may just have to take it back to the shop, but I'd love to be able to solve this--with your help--at home.)

Common problem w/ old casette and new chain,morrison
Feb 4, 2002 7:24 AM
but you said both the chain and the casette are new. Hence, you have exceeded the scope of my technical knowledge. Go to the lbs. I do this all the time, particularly since it is conveniently located next to a Mexican restaurant that makes tasty margaritas.
re: Another chain-skipping problem. HELP! Thanks.Dan Plummer
Feb 4, 2002 7:52 AM
From my 20+ years as a mechanic, if you say the chain and cassette are fairly new, and was working at one time prior to the headset installment. I would venture to say that whoever installed the headset may have binded your cable housing somewhere. Without really being able to see the bike, my suggestion would be to start from scratch. There are three possible things that I can think of, but for you it would be easier to start from scratch. With this I simply mean, take of the rear derailleur cable completely, install new housing from the STI lever and install a new cable. It sounds like whoever installed the headset may have done some adjusting to the cable tension, and if you have already played with the barrell adjuster, then again, start from scratch. GOOD LUCK.
Are you the Dan Plummer.....PhilippeC
Feb 4, 2002 9:07 AM
that grew up in Nashville TN?

Just wondering...

Philippe Crist
re: Another chain-skipping problem. HELP! Thanks.feathers mcgraw
Feb 5, 2002 6:40 AM
Maybe your shifter and cassette are out of sync. Your second shift position may be lined up with your smallest cog. That way the shift to the 24 may be the last shift on the shifter instead of the second to last. Since the last couple of shifts pull progressively more cable, that would explain why it doesn't settle on the 24 and goes straight to the 27, albeit reluctantly. Shift all the way to the smallest cog, make sure to give it a couple more clicks to be sure. Then check to see that the first shift up does something. If it's what I think it is you'll just pull cable on the first shift, then shift on the second click. The other possiblity is that a ferrule isn't fully seated in a housing stop. That could also take the shifter out of sync. That would explain why it happened after headset installation. Good luck.
That sounds like IT, Feathers!! But how to remedy it? Help!nigel
Feb 5, 2002 8:22 PM
Hey FM,

Your first guess sounds right on. When in the 12, it DOES take two clicks to get to the 13. You're right on, man. My next question: what to do next, then? How would I remedy this? Is it a matter of replacing the cable, or is there a simpler remedy?

With this next bit of advice, I'll be able to fix my problem. Please send the word.

Top marks, mate.