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Completed 500 miles on my 1st road bike.(7 posts)

Completed 500 miles on my 1st road bike.flyinbowlofmilk
Feb 3, 2002 6:43 PM
I just want to share the enjoyment of completing 500 miles on my road bike. I have just crossed the 500 miles threshold this weekend. I started on this training venture in Nov.'01 and now it's Feb.'02,I have completed it. But enough of that conversation. I have a question for the board. I was riding with my LBS group ride today,when I wound up being in between 2 groups of riders from the Group ride. My question is as follows. As the light turn green I clipped in and proceed to catch the 1st group of riders. One of the rider in the group behind me told to "speed up". What did he mean by "speed up"? And why was so important for me to "speed up"? Was it so the 1st group and the 2nd group could merge together again?
re: "Speed up!"guido
Feb 3, 2002 11:01 PM
Good work, man, getting 500 miles under your belt, and towing the second group to the first group after the light! The guy behind you who said "Speed Up," must have

1) been breathless trying to stay on your wheel,
2) all his blood was in his legs, so he was light headed and not thinking straight,
3) you had just made him work really hard to keep on your wheel and he was mad, or jealous.
4) Once you caught the 1st group, he wanted you to keep pulling ahead, so he'd be with the leaders.

No telling what comments some riders come up with on these intense group rides, with all those elevated heartrates, lactic acid, sweat and suffering!
Feb 4, 2002 2:18 AM
Good job!
I cant wait till my new bike (first road bike also) is rideable and I can log 500 miles on it.

Just wondering how you felt about group rides, and how soon you started doing them? I plan on doing alot of initial riding by myself, then with a group of 4-5 people, then maybe one of the bigger groups.

Congrats again!
Feb 4, 2002 8:50 AM
I'm new to road biking (I just completed my 3rd ride - 130 miles total) ... but I would recommend riding with a group (if your fitness level will allow it). I've learned alot from the guys I ride with as well as them helping me when necessary (pulling - blocking the wind). Riding in a pack is alot less work then riding by yourself (assuming your not leading) :-)

re: Completed 500 miles on my 1st road bike.RandyMH
Feb 4, 2002 6:39 AM
Hey congrats. on the accomplishment. Just wait until you see your computer hit 1000. I was out on a group ride when I hit my first 1000 and mentioned it to another rider. He looked aver and said thats really cool 300 more miles and you could have rode to California. That really put it in perspective. Sit back and watch how fast they come from this point on. Soon youll be posting about your 5000 mile year.
be safe and have fun
re: Completed 500 miles on my 1st road bike.Bobo
Feb 4, 2002 7:54 AM
He may have just been trying to help you out. On our Sunday club rides we'll have some of the less fit or less experienced riders/racers come out. It's a recovery/zone 1 day for us and an instructional day for them so it works out well. They often have to be nudged to close gaps, pull through properly etc.. I don't know how many times I had to tell riders yesterday to "get in there" (fill a spot in the paceline" or "get on that wheel" or "hold your line". The guy on your ride may have been being a jerk and had a different agenda but he may have wanted to help prevent you from staying in no man's land and out of the draft for any longer than necessary.

Yeah, sometimes we'll correct the rider more emphatically at some times than others, but in the end we're trying to make them better riders. Often when we finish the ride we have a 'debriefing' and explain in greater depth what was done well or poorly and make suggestions for the coming week. The most valuable skills to teach these riders are how to ride a double paceline, guage wind direction and ride accordingly, how to ride a rotating paceline, and most importantly how to conserve energy by being smooth and efficient.
re: Completed 500 miles on my 1st road bike.mixinbeatz
Feb 4, 2002 4:45 PM
I would agree completely, they were just trying to help you out. When I first started riding with the team I am on now, people used to shout stuff at me all the time and I thought they were just being jerks. After a while you will figure out how to ride safely in a group and you will get less verbal harrasment. If you want to really get a mouthful, show up to a group ride on a rainy day with no fenders, and aerobars....
you will really be in for it then.