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New wheels! MA3 versus Open Pro Rims(7 posts)

New wheels! MA3 versus Open Pro Rimsmazobob
Feb 2, 2002 4:31 PM
I'm looking into building a set of wheels this spring for my new stead. I'm planning on using Ultegra hubs and either Mavic Ma3 rims or Open pros. I weigh about 180 and I would rather have a supple ride than that of a pizza cutter. Which rim would you use? Any other suggested rims? Would you go with 32 hole and 14/15 gauge spokes. I have a set of Rolfe Vector Pros, I like the speed but ride isn't as supple as I would want for our country pea gravel and oil roads in Wisconsin.
Thanks ! You guys are tooooo cooooool! BOB
Open Pro'sTig
Feb 2, 2002 4:50 PM
I watched a riding buddy pull a Jan Ulrich into a head-high ditch this morning when he made the mistake of forgetting how cold pavement makes for bad traction. Both he and his bike performed a summersault and hit the bottom hard. We were all amazed to see his 32 hole 3X Mavic Open Pro's in perfect condition (he wore some holes in his tights). The Serotta Legend Ti predictably survived undamaged as well.

To get to the point, OP's are known for their durability. They will be as good as the builder makes them. Go with someone who is a master builder and you will be happy for many miles. They are lighter than the MA3's but not ad aerodynamic.

My next wheelset will come from
Excel Sports Cirrus Wheelset $295.95
Hand-built wheelset with 32 DT Revolution 14-17g spokes laced 2 cross on the front. Rear wheel built with Revolutions with alloy nipples, non-drive and 14-15s with brass nipples on the drive-side and, 3 cross on the rear. Hand-built by our DT certified master wheel builders.

I might substitute the DA hubs with Chris King's or Hugi's. Anyone have any experience with Hugi's???
oops, a correctionTig
Feb 2, 2002 5:10 PM
I was thinking about CPX-33's and not MA3's. Sorry. All the same, go for the Open Pro's!

Open Pro'sB2
Feb 2, 2002 8:42 PM
I've got a set of Hugi 240 / Open Pros. I have no complaints whatsoever. They stay true and weigh in at 1552 gms.

3x DT Rev front. 3x DT Rev non-drive side and 14/15 drive side.

Amusing roadie equipment-freak tradition continues...Crankist
Feb 3, 2002 8:36 AM
Sorry to hear about your buddy's "Jan". As is normal for us no mention was made of HIS condition.
Can I assume that you had a group with you, that you all surrounded the fallen bike, spinning the
wheels, chatting like chipmunks and marvelling at their trueness while your buddy lay in a busted-up
gravelly heap? God, I love this sport! : )
Been There,
Mike (chipmunk & heap)
buddy survived but was too sore to ride todayTig
Feb 3, 2002 2:49 PM
He avoided the standard amount of roadrash thanks to a pair of winter tights over shorts and a few jersey and jacket layers. The tights gave their life for his skin. He planned on riding this morning, but his absence told us he was too sore to roll. I guess once we make it to our upper 30's the pain is listened to instead of ignored!
I'm getting ready to build up that exact same wheelset....Greg Taylor
Feb 2, 2002 5:03 PM
....Ultegra Hubs and the Open Pros, 32 hole, 14/15 spokes, three cross front and rear. I'm 190 lbs. This should be a good, solid combo. Bonus is that both the rims and the hubs are on sale at Nashbar. The Ultegra rear hub is $32. Can't beat that with a stick.

The MA3 is a good rim, aimed at the touring/commuting crowd. I built up a set (36 holes, 14 gauge spokes, RSX 100 hubs) that are totally bombproof and ride well. The Open Pros, however, are much, much nicer on the details.