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"Nose" of Shifter loose...(5 posts)

"Nose" of Shifter loose...timfire
Feb 2, 2002 12:33 PM
I'm not sure the technical term, but the "nose" of my Shimano 105 shifter (the point farthest forward where the "Shimano 105" sticker is placed) has come loose. It's not falling off, but it does rattle when I ride. I've only had the bike about a month.

So is this an issue, or can it wait until I get a tune-up in a couple of weeks. Is it an easy problem to fix myself or should I leave it to the LBS (I don't have much bike-mechanics experience, but I'm not neccessarily afraid to work on my bike either).


--Timothy Kleinert
Ha ha the problem continues...Eric16
Feb 2, 2002 1:01 PM
Yeah the cap on older model of the Ultegra shifters does the same thing and the 105's look remarkable similar to those. Although I'm told the new Ultegra shifters don't do that anymore because the switched to a style that more closely resembles the Dura Ace ones, that old style will definitly rattle. You have two options (short of getting new shifters). 1) Deal with the noise, it's not really hurting anything it's just irratating. or 2) rip the caps off the shifters. I know a couple of guys that did that to their old Ultegras because they couldn't take that sound anymore. The caps are mostly aesthetic so you're not really hurting anything, it just won't look as pretty.

Hope that helps, I used to deal with the same noise...then I got Campy!

Ride on!
NO, NO, NO, Do not throw them away...Lone Gunman
Feb 2, 2002 3:21 PM
There is a fix for that and it involves removing the cap and putting a dab of silicone caulking behind the cap and the problem is fixed. There is an exact procedure for removing the cap and there was a link with pictures describing the fix, anyone have that link??
Here is the site...DINOSAUR
Feb 2, 2002 4:28 PM

My sti brake dust caps rattled so much they fracured. I was attempting to try this solution and one of them just fell off the bike in two pieces onto the garage floor. I just removed the other one. I tried finding replacement dust caps and couldn't find them, even through Shimano. They would rather sell you the entire lever assembly. I got used to riding without them. You need to check the screw that attaches the little lever periodically. Mine fell off and my shifting got real sloppy until I discovered what the problem was. Might he a good idea to secure the little screws with Loctite 242....other than those two little problems the Ultegra group has been fail proof...

Ride Safe
here's the URL for the fixTig
Feb 2, 2002 4:16 PM
I found it about 7 pages back on this board. I can't believe the volume of posts in here sometimes! It wasn't posted all that long ago.