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I can do most things, but how to rig Ergo levers? HELP?.....(4 posts)

I can do most things, but how to rig Ergo levers? HELP?.....sprockets
Feb 2, 2002 9:45 AM
I have a new set of levers and a new set of cables. It is not obvious at all how this is going to go together. I need HELP please!! I AM old school, this is my first lever shifter after thirty years of downtube/barend shifting bliss. Thanks to all.
It is kind of hard to figure out...TJeanloz
Feb 2, 2002 11:30 AM
The Ergo lever does appear mysterious at first, but can pretty easily be figured out.

1. Mounting to the handlebar. The fixing bolt is hidden beneath the rubber hood, peel back the hood, and you'll see the 5mm bolt that tightens the clamps.

2. Shift cable. There is a slit along the bottom of the hood that termintates with the shift button. You will need to insert the cable in the end opposite the button. The shifter must be in the fully downshifted position (i.e. the button should not push any further) for the cable to go in correctly. DO NOT 'dry shift' the levers- that is, shift them when there isn't a cable in them. On occasion, the bits will fall out of place if you do this, and you'll be rebuilding a lever before you even install it.

3. The brake cable slides in behind the blade of the lever- squeeze the lever and it should be apparent where the brake cable needs to go. Use only Campy brake cables- most other cables have an end cap that is a tiny bit too large, making removal of the cable downright impossible when the time comes.
read the instructions....mickey
Feb 2, 2002 2:11 PM
If your levers are new, where are the installation instructions? If they are used, go to to download a copy of the instructions.

I recommend routing both cables along the front of the bars. I've found this routing to be more comfortable. Use fiberglass strapping tape to tape the cables tightly to the bars before installing the bar tape. It might also be wise to take one ride without bar tape to be sure that you like the lever position. I like the top of the brake hoods to be level or angled a few degrees upward. The old rule of positioning the brake lever even with the bottom of the bars is worthless, IMO. The critical thing is to get a comfortable wrist angle.
ditto on the front routing....... nmCT1
Feb 2, 2002 8:30 PM