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Question regarding RoadBikeReview Classifieds...(4 posts)

Question regarding RoadBikeReview Classifieds...DINOSAUR
Feb 2, 2002 9:44 AM
Sorry to take up space asking this question here, I shot in the same question yesterday to the web administrator then the site crashed for a couple of hours and I'm sure my message was never received.

Do I have to log onto the classified section before I respond to an ad? I clicked on the email address of a guy selling a wheelset and the same messege was returned to me and my Outlook Express doens't show it being sent to him. I tried this twice. Or does the system send a copy of the same message to the sender so they know it has been sent?

On the left side of the screen it says "Your user name and password from the old system have been imported into the new system. You do not have to re-register". This is where I am confused.

Sorry, I'm just an old dinosaur and I'm lucky if I can just turn on this stupid computer that is smarter than me..
re: Question regarding RoadBikeReview Classifieds...gtx
Feb 2, 2002 10:21 AM
if your e-mail is bouncing back, all I can think of is that the seller might not have entered his e-mail address correctly.

For wheels also check out this guy:
re: Question regarding RoadBikeReview Classifieds...DINOSAUR
Feb 2, 2002 10:42 AM
Thanks....I clicked on that site.

I saw a guy selling a like new set of Rolf Vector Comps for $80.00. I thought it would be nice to have both rims the same color due to the problem I had locating a rear VC rim that would match my front rim. $80.00 is darn cheap, hard to find a stem for that price. Thought I might do a slow rebuild on my Klein and put the new bike on hold for awhile.

My LBS had OP's with Shimano hubs on sale for $199.00 (set). I found out after I forked over money for a new rear VC rim. I should know by now if I have problems to go to the owner of the LBS...
re: Question regarding RoadBikeReview Classifieds...gtx
Feb 2, 2002 10:53 AM
yeah, it's nice to have your rims match. I have a stockpile of MA40 rims (got them cheap a while ago) so this won't be an issue for me for many years. I kind of like the looks of the old box shaped brown/gray Mavic rims--MA40, GP4s, etc. There are so many rim colors and shapes now--and they're constantly changing--it gets confusing.