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Bike Fit(5 posts)

Bike Fittaco
Feb 1, 2002 12:36 AM
I'm sure this topic has been discussed to death here, but I'm new and too lazy to go searching through the archives for an answer.

First, I'm 6' tall and believe I need a frame in the 55-56cm range. Does this sound right? Other posts I have read lead me to believe this may be too small.

Second, what's a good rule of thumb for fit. I've seen the Colorado Cyclist charts, but that seems to be overkill, is it? Any good on-line fit calculators?

Or, do I just go with what feels good? All bikes feel good. It's hard to tell. How about the ability to lift the front wheel 6 inches off the ground while standing over the TT? (This might be a mountain bike thing)

How did you decide what was the right fit for you?

Any help would be appriciated.

re: Bike Fitkentuckyjoe
Feb 1, 2002 1:03 AM
Check out this link,its worked out great for me, im 5'11" and ride a 56cm,i can stand over the top tube and lift the bike up about 2" before it really starts mashing stuff i dont like mashed:) the biggest advantage i found in this article was the angle of your knee to the centerline of the pedal spindle,i was way to far back starting out and when i dialed it in it made a huge difference. Later,Joe
re: Bike FitAkirasho
Feb 1, 2002 1:39 AM

We abide.

Remain In Light.
Hmmm....Tacos...(think Homer Simpson)Lone Gunman
Feb 1, 2002 5:58 PM
I tried to answer a previous post about a Zurich on 3 occasions but my crap ISP kept kicking me off and losing the message so here goes:

The Zurich is a long top tube frame, I am 6' w/33" inseam and ride a 55cm w120 stem. I normally ride a 56/57 top tube around 56.5cm The frame is a jack of all trades type frame; it is not great at any single aspect of cycling, it does them all well. A comfortable steel frame spec'd with Ultegra, Bontrager wheels and House of Trek equipment (stem/post/bars). I like my '99 Z and it fits the type of riding I do; 20-65mile training rides, occas. century, week long supported tours.

Take a look at the Colorado Cyclist catalog and check out the Tommasini Sintesi, a great price on a steel bike spec'd in Ultegra, Mavic wheelset, great finishwork in a lugged steel frame.

Whatever you do make it a priority to get a carbon fiber fork on your next ride. It makes a big difference in the ride quality. The budget you stated will get you a great bike in that range and you could possible get a bike of any type frame material in that range, I know I would not put that kind of money out on a first road bike not really knowing what I liked in road bike.
re: Bike FitVetteRacer
Feb 1, 2002 8:30 PM

Right hand side has a bike fitting link.

It helps (alot) to have someone else there to help measure you, I got different results doing it myself then the shop did.

Goto a good shop, they should be able to spend the time and measure you out. My LBS did, even though I wasnt buying a frame from them.

Goodluck. And as a note, it depends on inseam length, but I am 6'-6'1" and measured to basically a 58 (was 57.6xx). Got a 59 though.