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handlebar question(5 posts)

handlebar questionkushogun
Jan 31, 2002 9:26 AM
I was curious if anyone knew of a handlebar that was lightweight (less than 220 grams) and had a shorter reach and drop. Perhaps around 150mm-160mm drop and 90mm reach? I'm having a hard time finding such a beast. Would the Cinelli Solido be a good choice? Anyone with experience with the Easton EC-90? Any and all help would be greatly appreciated. Oh yeah, I heard the TTT Prima 199 would be a good choice as well. Note: I have been to the websites and the info is either conflicting with other info I have, or the info is unavailable. I am 5'9" with average size hande for the height. I wear size medium gloves. Thanks again everyone and happy riding.
re: handlebar questionkoala
Jan 31, 2002 9:44 AM
3TTT or Salsa are both tight bars. I asked the same question on the board and ended up with 3TTT. I am vey satisfied.
Same boat, here's what I foundTig
Jan 31, 2002 10:55 AM
Deda Elementi 215 has a drop of 136mm, and a reach of 81mm, weighs 220 grams, and is on sale (anatomic) for $55 at
The round bars are $69.
re: handlebar questiontarwheel
Jan 31, 2002 11:37 AM
The Ritchey WCS has a relatively short drop and reach, ans several Salsa models. For actual dimensions on a number of different bars, go to this website and look in the components section under handlebars -- They have all the measurements for a bunch of different brands.
if you want to go the carbon routedsc
Jan 31, 2002 12:01 PM
you might look at the Kestrel EMS Pro, too. It weighs in @ 220 g (42 cm), reach is 85mm, and I'm not sure about the drop, but would guess around 150, or so.
I recently put one one my bike, and like it alot. It costs a little less than the Easton, too, plus I didn't care for the funky shape of the Easton (many like it, though).

My .02.