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lbs cost to cut carbon fork steerer(12 posts)

lbs cost to cut carbon fork steererjakerider
Jan 31, 2002 7:43 AM
I am taking a survey. I took my bike to the lbs to have them cut my ouzo pro steerer. I do 98%
of wrenching on my bike and I do all of my tuning and adjusting on my bike. One thing I would not do without the proper tools is cut my carbon fork steerer. So off to the lbs I go to have them lop off about 1". I know these guys and ride with these guys. They charged me $35. I have a slight problem with that. Should I? BTW
I did not buy this bike from them but I have bought 3 bikes from them as well as approx. $500 per year of gear from them.
at most 20$ b/c thats how much the tool costs!!str8dum1
Jan 31, 2002 7:49 AM
I've never had to pay for that. 35$ is basically rape. You've been violated. you could bought the tool for 20$ and done it yourself forever. I would never pay more for a bike service than the tools to do it myself.

I would be pissed.
Cost of business...g-money
Jan 31, 2002 7:49 AM
If all they did was cut the steerer, they most likely charged you their "minimum fee" for repairs. I think it's a bit steep, but that's that. Now, if they installed your crown race and then put the fork back on the bike (you said you brought in your bike not the fork) then it's a very reasonable cost to take the front apart, cut then return everything to normal...
I agree,TJeanloz
Jan 31, 2002 7:57 AM
$35 is way high to just lop an inch off. I don't think we'd have charged for that at all (especially for an Ouzo- those cut like butter). $35 is way too much if you brought them a fork with a line already on it to cut along- and all they did was make the cut.

However, if you brought your bike in and said "take an inch off the top". $35 seems on the high side of reasonable. They have to take apart the stem, hs, measure everything (twice, cut once). And then re-install, adjust the headset, $35 seems fair for that much service- but not for just a cut.
My Datagrzy
Jan 31, 2002 10:11 AM
I had a high-end LBS remove the old threaded fork, cut and install the new Ouzo and new headset all for $35. That means they had to remove the lower crown race and install it and knockout and set the new HS (yet more special tools). To be fair they left the steerer a tad long and it bottomed out before I could get the race tight. I too know the guys and have bought a bunch of stuff and bikes from them.

I think that $35 just to lop off an inch is too much - if this is *all* that they did. They do have overhead, have to make a profit and times are tough, but that's out of line. I'd speak to the owner - you probably had some shop rat just look on the chart and see that a fork install is $35. They probably felt justified from the point that you didn't buy any of the parts from them so there is less of a profit margin. It's a fact that if you walk in with your own parts they're not going to cut you much of a deal.
re: lbs cost to cut carbon fork steererRayBan
Jan 31, 2002 10:27 AM
ya know I too know/ride with guys at a lbs and I've been charged a decent amount of $$ for some work too. They DO have to bring in the money, so even though I would hope for a break on the labor I can see their point. BUT it's because of that treatment that I no longer feel guilty when buying on the internet. All's fair right?
re: lbs cost to cut carbon fork steererjakerider
Jan 31, 2002 11:21 AM
good point rayban,
yes, I did roll this high dollar L'speed in on them with full d/a which I did not purchase from them. I did get a price from them on the frame though, and they know they did not have a competitive price. All the components were bought on-line and they know that to. But still, time wise I am guessing 5 min to unbolt stem, pull fork. 10 min. to cut stem. 5 min to put her back together and tighten up. So 20 min total for $35 which equates to $105 per hour. I say no way even with overhead and wages. I was not expecting to pay the light bill this month.
That's perfectly fair,TJeanloz
Jan 31, 2002 11:27 AM
$35 to cut a steerer tube that's already on the bike seems perfectly fair. Figure that probably $10-$15 of that is what it costs for a headset adjustment- which is necessary. And they had to take on the risk of bolting the stem back on- which in this day and age of easily stripped stems can be a real nightmare for a shop.

You are right, they made money on you. They're in business. That's what they do. The bike shop is your friend, but they do need to make money first, or your friend will go away.
Couldn't agree more. As a small business owner,morrison
Jan 31, 2002 12:03 PM
I am well acquainted with this issue. The shop has overhead that has to be paid, there is opportunity cost associated with working on your bike, and there is risk. (what happens if they screw it up?)

I have guys I ride with who seek me out for professional services. I don't give 'em freebies just b/c we ride together.
re: lbs cost to cut carbon fork steererDaveL
Jan 31, 2002 12:39 PM
IMHO I think you got a good deal, all things considered. You're paying for overhead, labor, skill of the mechanic, difficulty of the job and on high quality parts. You bought none of the high dollar parts, frame included, from them, and so there's a matter of using the facilities. Maybe they're trying to tell you something, like to have the job done over the internet, or whereever you bought the stuff? Bottom line, it's a free market; instead of complaining, have it done somewhere else. Just my two cents...
Did you get an estimate when you dropped it off?Straightblock
Jan 31, 2002 2:48 PM
Either way, you had a choice. You said you do 98% of your own work, yet you didn't want to take the risk of destroying a $300 fork by doing it yourself. The LBS takes that risk. If there's a problem with the work, they're on the hook for it.

Since these guys are your riding buds, maybe you could have talked one of them into doing it "under the table" for a six-pack, but if he messed it up, do you think he'd buy you a new fork? And buddies or not, a bike shop is a business and not a social club. Don't expect favors if you bought the bike and fork from a competitor.

If you had the tools, would you have done the whole job in 20 minutes? I doubt it. I think you'd have taken the time and care to be sure you did it right. The shop probably charges $8-$10 to fix a flat on a kid's bike from Wally-Mart, and I'd expect them to be more careful and take more time on a job like yours. When you figure in the time you spent telling them exactly how you wanted it done, and inspecting it and B-S-ing with them when you picked it up, I'd bet the shop had nearly an hour in it. That makes a $35 job seem more reasonable, doesn't it?
don't forget....Geof
Jan 31, 2002 4:11 PM
Remove front brake... reistall, readjust... etc... they may not have actually removed the brake caliper (depends on cut method used) but they did need to remove the cable and then re-adjust. Not super time consuming to be sure. I still think your doing ok for the $$$ don't push it with your buds...