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Magmaa(4 posts)

Jan 30, 2002 11:19 PM
... saw this addy in the most recent issue of "Cycling + (127)" magazine... yet another variation on the Ti theme... plus they make a Ti road fork as well as other accessories.

Anyone ever hear of them (seems to be a Swedish company... their English translations are a bit amusing at times, though I give them credit for trying... and their mastery of English is certainly better than my Swedish)? Anyone have opinions on alternate alloys of Ti?

We abide.

Remain In Light.
I had never heard of them...TJeanloz
Jan 31, 2002 2:29 PM
But after reviewing their website, I'm quite sure they're on crack. First of all, they claim that their alloy of titanium is exclusive because it doesn't exist in the US. Um, how can alloys exist in one place and not exist in another? I'm no metallurgist (I can't even spell it right), but they didn't convince me that sprinkling a little magnesium in would make a 3/1.5 tube stronger than a 6/4 tube.

But the most hilarious thing, was that they keep pointing you to this "independent" lab test, where they claim to have been rated "best in test"- and they were rated, like 6th. And they were the only ti bike tested. There are usually pretty good reasons for sticking with traditional alloys- others have tried 5/2 and some other alloys, but we always seem to gravitate back to 3/2.5 and 6/4.
... yup, I'm hoping it's just a translation glitch...Akirasho
Feb 1, 2002 2:23 AM
I'm not a metallurgist either, but I do know that other trace elements can have a profound effect on alloys... so I won't completely discount their claims... as for "existance", I think that that is again, a translation glitch... probably more like "not produced in" or "not redily available in"...

Tests are a real bane throughout virtually all aspects of consumerism... there are few true independent tests done on any products... we're left to our own judgement and wallets...

And, just as we've seen so many variants in aluminium and steel alloys, now that titanium is becoming more commonplace, I suspect that we'll see "better" alloys here as well. Makes you wonder what the next super alloy will be (and you know someone will try) or super fiber???.

We abide.

Remain In Light.
An interesting aside,TJeanloz
Feb 1, 2002 7:59 AM
It occurred to me after I wrote the previous post that Litespeed (and maybe others) are using new alloys. The "Featherlight" that the Ghisallo is made out of some top-secret alloy (I asked, and they told me it wasn't 3/2.5, 6/4, or 5/2- and I ran out of guesses). So it is possible that they are working with a 'better' alloy.

I was turned off by there web page, which was sort of a "we're the best, and we'll prove it, except that we can't prove it, so we'll just say we're the best." I hope a lot was lost in translation, but the site really didn't make a lot of sense.