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How to spell Campagnolo(16 posts)

How to spell CampagnoloKerry Irons
Jan 30, 2002 6:21 PM
Over many years, I have constantly seen it spelled Campagnola. There is a thread like this right now. I'm not trying to dis the poster of that thread, I'm just trying to figure out where this comes from. Since nearly every Campy part has it fully spelled out, do people do this to make a joke, is it based on some pronunciation error, or what? Don't want to start a fight - just curious.
My favorite pronunciation: Camp-an-yellagrzy
Jan 30, 2002 6:39 PM
I swear I knew a good ol' boy who said it this way.
so ... how do we actually pronounce Campagnolo??weiwentg
Jan 30, 2002 6:51 PM
one poster on mentioned that he pronounced it cam-pa-knio-lo.
while we're at it, is Bianchi pronounced with or without the h?? I'm guessing the latter.
"Campy". Sheesh. [nm]Ahimsa
Jan 30, 2002 6:56 PM
I'm not Italiangrzy
Jan 30, 2002 7:01 PM
I'll leave it up to those that really know.
so ... how do we actually pronounce Campagnolo??AllUpHill
Jan 30, 2002 8:04 PM
In watching a video of some old (~73') Giro, the old dude reading out the riders' names and teams at the sign-on pronounced the Campy team name something like:


in other works, the 'g' is more-or-less silent and has the effect of making the 'n' as if it has a Spanish tilde (~) over it. You know, like pinata.
Yep, "Cam-pan-YOH-loh" is right.... Italian dad says so :o) nmAllen az
Jan 30, 2002 8:58 PM
Isn't there another Italian firm?Elefantino
Jan 30, 2002 8:34 PM
If I'm not mistaken, there's that other component company that makes a high-end group (er, gruppo) that is pronounced "Duracci." I hear it is a pretty good company.
In China Campagnolo pronounced AIR-BORNEChou En Lie
Jan 31, 2002 6:52 AM
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You vweewy funny guypmf1
Jan 31, 2002 7:31 AM
Why not you troll elsewhere? If you have nothing to add, why bother rest of us with poor quality humor? You think plight of Chinese people make good joke?
Ksyrium makes for good confusion, tooTig
Jan 31, 2002 8:11 AM
Even otherwise respectable LBS mechanics seem to get this one wrong. That silent "K" at the beginning is the culprit. My understanding is it is pronounced "seer-e-um". I'm not completely sure myself. Isn't it just a made up word like Toyota's "Camry"?

"Mavic" is usually mispronounced to rhyme with something like "maverick" instead of "mah-vEEk".

My favorite is how British add an extra syllable after the "n" in "aluminum" to sound like "al-oo-min-E-um". It would then need to be spelled "aluminium".

Languages are silly, with English at the forefront! George Carlin has made a living off of modern English alone.
But it is aluminiumbikedodger
Jan 31, 2002 8:35 AM
The original spelling is aluminium. Only is America is the second i dropped and the pronunciation changed.

I heard that this was because the ALCOA company is the past built an aluminium refinery that had a large expensive entryway with the word mis-spelled aluminum. The company did not want to waste its money so the mis-spelling became the way they spelt the word.

OK, but why do some UK sites use "aluminum"?Tig
Jan 31, 2002 7:09 PM
Check out or other UK sites and you'll have a hard time finding it spelled with the "i". Then others like DO use the "i" spelling!

Confusing and interesting...
They DO spell it "aluminium" nmMikeC
Jan 31, 2002 8:35 AM
Even Mavic was confused for a while...TJeanloz
Jan 31, 2002 8:41 AM
We grilled our Mavic rep pretty hard on how to pronounce Ksyrium. Initially, he reported that the K was completely silent, but when he returned from the big-shot sales rep meeting in France, he corrected his previous pronunciation and now maintains that it is K'see'ree'um.

As for the aluminum bit you point out, aluminium is an alternative spelling and is entirely correct, just like those British spell harbor "harbour" and color "colour".
Camry is too a real word!jtolleson
Jan 31, 2002 12:06 PM
It's sumpin ya take pichers wit