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Frame noise sources(2 posts)

Frame noise sourcesbiker
Jan 30, 2002 4:56 PM
Well I just found another noise generator. It appeared to source from headset or stem. After investigating further, I discovered the brake cable housing was emitting noise where the front/rear cables crossed each other. A little grease at junction fix it.
Is your frame aluminium?Dutchy
Jan 30, 2002 5:30 PM
My brother has a Giant TRC2 a very nice bike. The only problem is that the cables squeak inside
the cable brackets that are on the bottom tube. Every time he turns the handle bars the cable moves
slightly and reverberates through the entire frame. It sounds terrible, this constant loud creaking on a
brand new bike. When I see him next were going to put some plumbers tape on the cable and see if that works.
For some reason REALLY light Aluminium frames tend to make more noise than other frame material
or even heavier MTB Aluminium frames do.

Like I said a nice bike but is has a case of bike flatulence:-)