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Polar Heart Rate Moniter Problem(2 posts)

Polar Heart Rate Moniter ProblemGreyhound
Jan 30, 2002 3:59 PM
Well heres a question to prove my stupidity, what happens when you find out that your hrm watch isn't water proof the hard way? I went in the water with it thinking it was, but when i came out the LCD was all screwy, but it still had power. Any advise on what to do would be greatly apreciated!

re: Polar Heart Rate Moniter Problemgrzy
Jan 30, 2002 6:03 PM
Send it in to Polar if you really want it done right and are worried about the warranty. Their watches are supposed to be water resistant to 100 feet(?) - so if it's under warranty let them deal with it. Usually the seal wasn't done correctly. A decent watch reapir shop can do a hydro test for you. Get it done before you do anything so that you know where it's leaking. You can get the test afterwards to verify that it's been fixed. I've been in the water a lot with both of mine and I change my own batteries. Remove the four little screws and pop the back cover off. Remove the mechanism and let things dry out. Order a new O-ring and consider a tiny bit of silicone grease. Put it all back together and hope for the best. Get the hydro test if you want to be safe.