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riding changes lives: haiku mah-stah-peece. send cash.(5 posts)

riding changes lives: haiku mah-stah-peece. send cash.Js Haiku Shop
Jan 29, 2002 2:14 PM
bought trunk rack from friend
friend left the country for home
use on occasion

roof rack, realized,
J-Ku used mostly for looks
not for hauling bikes

roof rack was more show
i've been riding to the rides
back seat bike for trips

reinvest the funds
sold roof rack to buy warm shoes
and large Camelbak

now i dread no more
long rides start below freezing
and end above warm

new storage have i
for tights, jacket, and big gloves
during ride commute

notice the changes
over last four years riding
self and preference

started mountain bike
bought with cigarette money
rode through wet winter

upgraded: fisher
rode more, weight stayed about same
still no cigarettes

bought road bike on whim
picked from classified forum
miserable fit

sold all on ebay
my plan: downgrade mountain bike
get road bike that fits

rode road through the fall
became gym rat in winter
and i shedded weight

March, 2001
seventeen percent less me
plan May century

April, zero one
bought bianchi with triple
struggle up mountains

May, 2001
metric, then century, more
begin to find legs

ride hard through summer
September double metrics
"season" is complete

October start training
goal to lose twenty more pounds
it's not happening

gym plans foiled by bikes
putting in cold and wet miles
but, there is progress...

during last winter
the most astounding weight loss
came with smaller waist

went from size forty
to size thirty eight in pants
along with scale change

this year, weight is same
but pants now at thirty six
J getting stronger

perhaps find the time
double centuries this year
and 300K

mountain centuries
back to back in early May
use friendly triple

if legs and wife good
M.V.-24-hour ride
Illinois, August

if legs and wife good
B-ham double century
at "end of season"

what began as fun
became J-Ku way of life
how i "talk to God"

son, new tricycle
holiday gift from gramps
I had fun building

hope this is the start
tricycle? ride to find self?
no, ride on sidewalk.
Where do I send my $ 0.02?MB1
Jan 30, 2002 4:53 AM
Missed your haiku lately, need regular fixes.

BTW Birmingham double huh? We could fit it in. Web site?
El Cheapo!Spinchick
Jan 30, 2002 5:24 AM
I would send at least a dollar. More if he promised to keep up with the haiku more often.
You would is not the same as you will!MB1
Jan 30, 2002 11:34 AM
The very next time J and I ride together I'm gonna give him my 2 cents worth!
750 mile drive?Js Haiku Shop
Jan 30, 2002 6:17 AM
that's a good 'un--750 miles! you might also consider that two century weekend, chattanooga and cheaha (TN & AL), 100+ miles and 7000-8000 feet each day. it's 5/4 and 5/5. board member "look271" is planning the 5/4 chattanooga ride, and "12x23" (all legs & lungs, this guy) is planning both.

b'ham (AL) is in september, last year it was 9/8, and i did the 125, which covered ~4400 feet (few tall ridge crossings). i think the double century option covers ~9000 or ~11,000 feet, i don't recall. they've removed the option from their website, so...i'm ass-uming it'll be posted again later in the summer. here's their site address:

it does currently list the 4/23 woodland-calhoun century, which i'm considering. i think this covers some of the same roads as cheaha, so it'd be a good preview, and "early season" legburner.

what say ye? may, september, both?