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Nite Rider Charger Experience?(13 posts)

Nite Rider Charger Experience?pmf1
Jan 29, 2002 7:31 AM
I recently bought a Nite Rider Micro Brute charger for my (and wife's) Pro-6 models. Its a unit that plugs into the wall that attaches to a charger that then attaches to your battery. Its supposed to charge an empty battery in 5 hours versus the 16 it takes with the conventional charger. Once the battery is charged, its supposed to shut off.

It worked great the first few times I used it. Then, during a charging episode, the wall unit got real hot and emitted a funny smell (like burning plastic). The battery was very hot also. After that it quit working. I called NiteRider who (after forever on hold) offered to send me a new one for free. They sent me a new charger, but it still didn't work. Then I called again (spent another eternity on hold) and they sent me a wall unit. Now it worked again ... for a while ... until it did the same thing last night (except the unit still appears functional). My battery got so hot, I worry that its damaged.

Anyone have these experiences with their systems (many come with this plug and forget charger)?

These systems have gotten so expensive, that I'm thinking about something else next time. Who has the money to pay $389 for a lighting system? That's outrageous.
re: Nite Rider Charger question?Pa rider
Jan 29, 2002 9:58 AM
I have an older model from 1995. I fried my after five years, but have not bought a new light yet.

My question would be easy. Did you plug all the chargers in the same outlet? You may have an outlet that is hot.

I know this question sounds stupid, but I just bought a condo this summer. My building inspector said two of my outlets were wired wrong. He used an electrician line tester and my read red.

The builder crossed my outlet wiring wrong. He told me that I can use the outlets, but they'll burn my applicance up quicker. For example, a hair dry may only last six months. My brother is an engineer, so he said he fix them for me this spring.

Your outlet may have a higher amp, so therefore it burns the chargers up.

Just an idea.
Jan 29, 2002 10:31 AM
I never considered that. I have used the same outlet. I'll try moving it to another.
Jan 29, 2002 11:21 AM
I doubt it is your outlet, but it is worth a try. I've read horror stories about NR lights and chargers. Go to and read the product reviews for lights.

Best of luck with it.
Go check out
Jan 29, 2002 11:36 AM
They are always talking about these lights. Search the archives on google, you might find your answer. I have even read details how to make new batteries using rechargable C batteries.
Jan 29, 2002 11:39 AM
Must have been asleep in school that day, as I seem to
remember current draw being determined by the load on
the line, not the way the source is wired
(you'll probably have a nice ground loop on those outlets,
though, if neutral and earth are switched).

All that aside, why wait for your brother? Just flip the breaker off and switch 'em yourself.

?????????pa rider
Jan 30, 2002 2:53 AM
Thanks Deb. But both outlets are not being used. One is an outside outlet and another is in my second bathroom. I took carpentry in school, not electrician. They have some overload switch in my bathroom. Alot of things changed since 1980.

Thanks anyway.
Jan 30, 2002 10:45 AM
and I would never try to build a piece of fine furniture - would probably end up looking like a shipping pallete, or something :O)

BTW, regarding your later post on calculating run times for lights (forgive me if you already know this) but you can figure it out like this:

power(watts) = current(amps)*voltage(volts)
So say you have a 15 watt light as part of a 12 volt system, and a 4.0 amp/hour battery.
15/12 = 1.25 amps, the amt. of current necessary for the lamp to burn. You have a battery rated at 4.0 amps/hr, so
4/1.25 = 3.2 hrs. - the approx. run time of a thoeretically perfect battery. Stick with the new nickel-metal hydride (think I spelled that right) batteries, and you'll avoid the *memory* problems you've had charging your ni-cad batteries in the past.

Hope this helps, and again, forgive me if you already knew this.

re: Nite Rider Charger Experience?grzy
Jan 29, 2002 4:22 PM
You can get a little outlet checking device for about $7 from any hardware store. It's worth checking *all* of the outlets in your house and you may be surprised at what you find. Also, realize that a lot of electronic stuff is litteraly slapped together overseas by virutal slave labor - a simple mistake can be repeated and mess up and entire production run. I'd seriously consider returning the whole works to NR for a new one since it's quite possible that the battery could be damaged.

That said NR has had some problems, but I'm currently running the new Blow Torch with the Micro Brute charging system w/NiMH batteries and the arc lamp and haven't had any problems....yet. I think all of the light manufacturers have had problems - $400 is outrageous, but there's nothing like it.
re: Question about Blow rider
Jan 30, 2002 2:59 AM
I'm looking for a new light, for next fall, to replace my 6 year old niter rider units (batteries only good for 1 hour now for both batteries).

Does the Micro brute charger charge in 5 hours and the lights run time last 4 hours? I made the mistake by not leaving my old ones run down before recharging them. I think thats why my battery would only charge to 2 1/2 hours no matter how long I charged them.

I see the lights coming down in price (under $375). I'm hoping this summer niter rider comes out with a different model and this blow torch will be under $300.

Any comment would help.

Look into Light and MotionUncleMoe
Jan 30, 2002 9:18 AM
pa rider.

I suggest looking into Light and Motion lights ( and read the reviews over on MTBR for them. They started off making lights for scuba divers many years back, and transferred the tech to bike lights.

I bought a helmet light with 6w, 10w, and 15w settings in the fall. Gets 2 to 4.5 hour burn time. And they work great. Very solid.

When I was searching for the best price, one shop owner said they should be priced higher, but they are under cutting NR to get a bigger market share. Unfortunately they are still tought to find in many LBS's, but a few internet shops sell them or buy them direct.

I just think with NR's issues lately it is worth looking at some other options, especially if NR $ seems high to you.
thanks for info Uncle moe; good advicepa rider
Jan 30, 2002 10:30 AM
Check the Polarity in the Micro BruteJames
Jan 29, 2002 8:10 PM
I had an engineer friend buy the classic pro. He had the same problem you are having, so, He opened it up(i wouldnt do it!) to find that wires were switched. All that money spend still doesnt mean the stuff is built right!