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Free Campy Record group(4 posts)

Free Campy Record groupElefantino
Jan 29, 2002 6:42 AM
Has anybody entered this before?

VICENZA, Italy --Campagnolo's fifth Win Your Record online contest is under way.

Campagnolo gives cyclists the chance to manage a virtual professional cycling team. Those with the greatest skill could win a Campagnolo Record 10-speed group, Eurus wheels, Campagnolo Metal Series garments or other prizes.

Each participant can chose among all the elite riders in the official UCI rankings to build a team of 20 riders. Contestants gain points based on the actual results of their chosen riders throughout the year.

For information, contest rules and to create a team, go to For the best chances of winning, Campagnolo advises signing up before the Milan-San Remo race on March 23, the official opening date of the contest. Last year's contest attracted 6,159 contestants.

The Web site is incomplete thus far.
I'm sooooo disappointed!CT1
Jan 29, 2002 6:47 AM
I thought you were going to give away your Campy HW now that you're a Shimano man..... ;-)

re: Free Campy Record groupLC
Jan 29, 2002 8:19 AM
I tried last year, but my team did not do so well. i don't know what I would have actually done with it if I won though, all my tools are for Shimano.
Fantasy Cyclingxxx
Jan 30, 2002 5:11 AM
I entered last year; it is just like fantasy baseball, football, basketball, etc. You select 20 riders (only 10 of which can be ranked in the UCI top 100) and go from there. You can only change riders at certain points, so you have to be strategic in a sense (pick different riders for Classics, GTs, and WC). I actually placed 2nd last year for the Vuelta (only because I selected Leipheimer) out of all participants, however overall I performed marginally. Anyway, it was a lot of fun and kept me in tune with all riders, not just the top 20.