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Thanks to Hummah Hah(2 posts)

Thanks to Hummah HahAhimsa
Jan 28, 2002 6:37 PM
And the "eavesdroppers" as well.

I'm sure that the new improved Madwagon will be ready for summer bashing about very soon.

I see that Shimano makes some decent and cheap single ring cranksets for use with their 7 speed hubs that should do the trick if the BB will fit.

I've also got a mind to have the wheels rebuilt on some choice and suitably monstrous rims (DH MTB variety) and add one of these "Big Cheese" V brake adapters (shown here on a recumbent, but the principle is the same).

I know...I know...sheesh..."The spirit of the Madwagon is supposed to be about cheap."

Look, I'm not putting XTR on the thing, just some old V brakes that are lying around the shop for the front only because the coaster brake is a little scary sometimes (You break or drop the chain and "Oops! No brakes!").

Besides, Hummah is on to something here with the cruiser...they make you want to ride like a kid (fast and furious, a little reckless maybe) and I need the bike to handle the abuse. As is it will not.

Total cost for the parts? Less than 100. Makes it 199 for the whole kit and kaboodle. Still very sweet.


A. (BTW: Amazing the fun you can have building up a bike when you toss weight considerations straight out the fooking door!)
Yer most welcome!Humma Hah
Jan 28, 2002 6:50 PM
Cheap ... hmmm, yeah, the cruiser cost $90 new.

Its that $360 powdercoat job that was nuts. And the $80 cyclocomputer. And the $90 to have the set of Corvette forks powdercoated to match, and the swoosh decals added and clearcoated. And the $45 for the used wheel to use for parts ....

Its never-ending. Still, I doubt I have as much in the bike as the average new bike most riders here would buy.

If you enjoy yours 1/10 as much as I enjoy mine, you have a world-class bargain.

Coasterbrakes: I tried a Shimano for a while, it nearly killed me a few times. I'm a die-hard Bendix fan. But I rarely apply it ... levers do such a fine job except when wet, and coasterbrakes can't handle more than about a 500 ft descent without overheating. I keep mine on and working for old times sake, not for any real practical reason.