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Indoor Trainers - Kurt K Fluid vs. 1up CPR(7 posts)

Indoor Trainers - Kurt K Fluid vs. 1up CPRbubiker
Jan 28, 2002 4:42 PM
I've been looking for a quality indoor trainer and was about to buy the Kurt Kinetic Fluid Road when I ran across info on a new trainer by 1Up that uses a new tech, CPR. The 1Up has only been around for 3ish months, but they have a lifetime guarantee and make some impressive claims on their website. Anybody out there have experience or info on either or both they care to share?
re: Indoor Trainers - Kurt K Fluid vs. 1up CPRvelobear
Jan 28, 2002 8:28 PM
I asked the same question about two weeks ago. All the replies that I got on the 1upusa trainer were positive. I posted on several forums and emailed people that wrote the reviews (partly to see if these were 'real' people). I followed one of the links on their website to see how this thing actually worked. It seems rather simple, which appealed, since there wasn't anything to break. I also spoke with Corky Phillips, the owner and inventor, and felt comfortable with him and his product. Hence, I ordered one. Haven't received it yet, since they are about 2-3 weeks backordered. On the other hand, I didn't hear anything bad about Kurt Kinetic either. I think the deciding factor for me was that you can spin at slow speeds with very little resistance on the 1upusa, which is not the case with many trainers. Just my $0.02.
re: Indoor Trainers - Kurt K Fluid vs. 1up CPRcincy1
Jan 29, 2002 9:18 AM
I've been using a Kurt Kinetic for over a year now. It's absolutely indestructable. High quality construction combined with good engineering in the fluid assembly. I can't envision ever needing anything else.
re: Indoor Trainers - Kurt K Fluid vs. 1up CPRtcr01
Jan 29, 2002 12:02 PM
just to add another, I am very happy with my Cyclops Fluid 2. It has great improvements over the old model and has taken many many hours of use and is still performing like new.
re: Indoor Trainers - Kurt K Fluid vs. 1up CPRbubiker
Jan 29, 2002 12:54 PM
No offense to the Cyclops Fluid users, but from the history of feedback on this site, and from other sources, I've heard that the higher end trainers are the Kurt and the 1Up. The 1Up sounds great, but seems to have no history. Like the respondent here, I've run across many that have ordered it and are awaiting delivery, which is hardly a glowing endorsement. The several users of the 1Up that are out there show only a few months of experience,... again a question mark. I'm also concerned that 1Up can't seem to deliver their product in a timely manner. The Kurt seems to have more history, and can deliver faster. I'm really looking for anyone out there that's actually got experience on the 1Up, and hopefully more than a few months worth. Otherwise, I'm leaning toward the Kurt.
disagree on the Cyclopstcr01
Jan 30, 2002 10:03 AM
I've ridden the Cyclops and the Kurt extensively for training and I think the Kurt is trying to mimic what Cyclops has designed. They feel identical and the Cyclops is nothing close to not being high end if not the a superior product to the Kurt. I chose the Fluid 2 over the Kurt b/c I got for 50 bucks cheaper than the Kurt and really think they are the same product in every regard.

My feedback is based on experience and not speculation. I have put at least 150 hours on each of these products over the 1-2 years. I recommend the Cyclops or the Kurt, whichever is a better price.
I own a Kurt.........Cush
Jan 29, 2002 5:03 PM
and love it. I have had it for two winters and it performs as new. Solid through and through. Killer resistance, quiet, leakproof.

They also have great customer service. I emailed a few questions and three or four photos w/answers were in my inbox in less than 24 hours.

No info on the 1Up.