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Weird breathing problem (kinda long)(12 posts)

Weird breathing problem (kinda long)JuniorRacerFL
Jan 27, 2002 3:00 PM
Well this is weird as crap. I went out for a ride with a group of people today for about a 50-60 mile ride. Yesterday i did a pretty hard 50 miler with lots of intervals too if that has anything to do with this. But we started off the ride kind of hard before anyone was warmed up because this one girl felt like going hard than dropping off to never be seen again. But me and another guys turn to pull and we had a headwind and i was struggling alot more than usual my legs were super tired and hurting and i waws quickly running out of breathe. I dont know why i was like this because at the pace and effort i shouldnt have been. I oculdnt handle it so i dropped to the back and all of a sudden if felt like my throat closed up and i was weazing and try to breathe. Very little air went it or came out and i quickly stopped and got kinda scared. Everyone stopped to see if i was fine. My face was really red and i was sweating like crazy(practically raining). After a about 25 seconds me breathing went back to normal. we were about 25 miles out so i just figured to do the rest of the ride back. through pretty much the whole ride my heart rate felt really high but yet i wouldnt be breathing hard or wouldnt be going that hard for the high heart rate. I got back pretty tired. This week was my rest week of about 150 miles total. I dont have Asthma and have never had this happen before. What do you think could cause this? They said excercise induced Asthma maybe but i have never had it happen and i wasnt even going that hard. What could it be?
re: Weird breathing problem (kinda long)dennzio
Jan 27, 2002 4:05 PM
Do not rely on us for this one. Go see a doctor, preferably a pulmonologist to test your lungs. If you check out ok then maybe you ate too close to your ride, that always makes me feel like I can't breathe. Don't eat any closer than 3-4 hours before your ride.
SEE A DOCTOR!!!!ishmael
Jan 27, 2002 6:25 PM
and get them to do a stress test maybe...were you around for the show the million dollar man, well anyway they hook you up to wires and make you run like a mofo and see what'll put the issue at rest...dont risk it it could be serious..who knows, it could kill you if you dont get it checked out..but then again maybe they'll say youre fine and to ride on, they you can really ride as hard as you can....your probably insured, call up the family doc, or any general doc and get an apointment
sounds like...geof
Jan 27, 2002 7:07 PM
exercise induced bronchio spasm. Could be caused by many factors. Most likely you fried your lungs on your long interval ride and they went crazy. Been there, done that. Get to your doc ASAP so it doesn't go into a secondary pnuemonia. (very possible) mine did... Don't mess with your lungs... trust me. I damaged mine in late August and I still have not fully recovered. I'm on an inhaler etc. After you do all this and your lungs heal, go out and hire a coach are buy Friels book (the cyclist training bible)on how to train properly. Otherwise your setting yourself up for this type of thing again. Lung problems are common in cyclists, learn now how to avoid them and you'll be racing faster... longer.
IMO: ditto on the exercise induced bronchio spasm -NMTig
Jan 28, 2002 8:43 AM
re: Weird breathing problem (kinda long)Woof the dog
Jan 27, 2002 7:57 PM
you crazy kid, if you were that tired after the yesterdays ride, why the hell did you try to pull so hard? It doesn't make sense because if you took it easy today, like real real easy for only 30 miles you would actually get stronger in the end. It is all about recovery, not hammering because you are afraid a girl can beat you. It was probably the girl's hard interval day. Jeez 'em man!!!! Now look what you've done. You need to see a doctor. I don't have an advice for you, i just wanna make you feel bad so that you would actually learn how to take it easy after hard days.

I can relate to how tired you felt because after an especially hard ride any kind of acceleration brings up your heart rate through the roof. I would be barely moving actually but my heart would beat like crazy and I'd feel like crap too.

By the way, I rode with some REALLY awesome women riders - they can take me in ANY sprint. CRAZY. Also, sometimes they run lower cat men and pro women (women start earlier and ride longer) at the same time, we'd catch them women on the downhills and flats but they would ride away up the hills - now thats what I call power to weight ratio!!!



Woof, the breathing dog
re: Weird breathing problem (kinda long)John-d
Jan 28, 2002 3:24 AM
Why are you training in January? Do you live in Australia/NZ? If not, the cold weather is best used as a race close season, I do not believe it is a good idea to do intervals in low temperatures, it is very bad for the lungs etc.. You are a junior, do not damage yourself with misplaced enthusiasm, take the long view and you should still be able to race as a vet. (Dog will be pleased)

Winter riding, in my view, should be steady, just keep up the base load of miles and enjoy yourself. Why should every ride be like a race, if some idiot want's to blast off, let them go, come the summer you will be the one in front.

As for your problem, take note of the other posters and let this be a lesson. Good medical advice is critical here to enable you to fully recover.

Best of luck and take care,

why do people ask strangers instead of a doctor?Dave Thomas
Jan 28, 2002 7:36 AM
If it was me I'd be at a dr. right away. This isn't something to be diagnosed by a bunch of cyclists.
why do people ask strangers instead of a doctor?SnowBlind
Jan 28, 2002 10:42 AM
because most doctors are not very accomidating to cyclists. I asked for a work up/exam for heavy riding. Doctor thought I was nuts for riding 30(!) miles a day, let alone the century I was getting ready for. He just chalked it up to my weight. Offered to ride or run on the treadmill against him if he thought I was out of shape (yes, I am overweight) , the wimp declined. Needless to say, I got a new doctor. Most people would just take it.

Even the sports doctor I ended up at considered me an "extreme" athelete. Yeah, a 40 overweight extreme athelete.

I suggest you find a doctor who rides long/hard miles (or at least rides). I have a chiro that did when he was younger, and he is very accomodating and is really interested in helping me.
where's the beef?duh
Jan 28, 2002 11:14 AM
I thought you croaked?
Wendys...he he heDave Thomas
Jan 28, 2002 2:27 PM
Yeah I'm back from beyond the grave. I've seen the error of my ways and am now riding a C-40 100 miles a day. I no longer eat junk food. Wendy is getting a bit heavy though I must say. Too many of those frostys and triple burgers.
re: Weird breathing problem (kinda long)Lone Gunman
Jan 28, 2002 7:45 AM
Like all other posters, see a doctor. Once upon a time while visiting a friend in Georgia, we drove down a street that was lined with some sort of tree, it was blossoming, and my throat and lungs almost went into seizure, never had anything like that happen before or again, might consider seeing an allergist as well if you get no results from the first Doc.