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Compact Frame Geometry(5 posts)

Compact Frame GeometryAndrossMazor
Jan 26, 2002 5:26 PM
Hi, I'm a mountain biker looking to buy my first serious road bike, mostly for training for xc. I am curious of the advantages of compact frames, and does anyone know a good one to try for someone with a long torso?? and no, i cant a afford a ghisallo, Thanx, ANDROSSMAZOR!!!
re: Compact Frame GeometryCT1
Jan 26, 2002 10:10 PM
IMHO, IF you can fit a Giant TCR you really can't go wrong. I've ridden a lot of road frames and it really IS a pretty comfy and stiff frame. The ONLY problem with it is the lack of sizing options.

Good luck and don't stress over the sloping TT/compact issue.... for the most part it's really much ado about nothing. Zero in on TT length and HS stack to get a good fit.

Also, before stepping in a shop I'd go to the CC website and check out their sizing system. That should give you a decent starting point. There are a bunch of other on-line sizing systems .... just search for them in this forum.

Hmmm.... if you're really amp'd for a road Compact you might want to also check out the new LOOK 384. It has something like 6-7 sizes and LOOK products have always first tier.

good luck
Check out...Geof
Jan 27, 2002 10:28 AM
the Santa Cruz Roadster, if you can find a shop that carries them. A buddy has the Once bike (which is nice) but I think the Roadster is a better bike. Very fast, not at all noodly and corners like on rails. SCARY fast on corners. Another friend has a Litespeed (not compact)and while nice as well, just doesn't have the raw speed feeling of the Roadster. Just getting on you feel the power transfer to the rear wheel. Try one. Another cool thing, is the bike looks VERY cool. And I doubt you'll run into many other riders who have them...
re: Compact Frame Geometrydescente
Jan 27, 2002 5:13 PM
I too am a member of the short leg - long torso club.

Compact frames work out well for my body type. They have a low standover height and a effective top top length. When buying a compact frame, make sure you find out what the "effective" top tube length is, not just the actual length.

I road a Schwinn Fastback compact frame.
They are now in limbo or discontinued because Schwinn as bought by mega mass bike maker Pacific.

I think Supergo still may have some left at a $350 or $400. It was a light frame, in the upper 2.x lbs area. It also had a tuned ride. Nice paint job on these too.

Most of the Specialized road bikes are now compact. so they be worth looking into.

If you are a steel rider, your pickings in compact maybe slim, as most of what I have seen are aluminum.
re: Compact Frame Geometryclink
Jan 27, 2002 5:25 PM
I just bought a Devinci Silverstone, (med) and it fits me really well, i've put 160 km on it so far.. and I find it corners really well, and the power transfer is really good. If you live in Canada check them out.. it hard to find them in the states, w/h them being a small canadian company.