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All-in-1: Questions about fixed-gear and SS 'cross bike...(5 posts)

All-in-1: Questions about fixed-gear and SS 'cross bike...SS_MB-7
Jan 26, 2002 8:48 AM
I was just about to buy a fixed-gear bike (Soma Rush), but then thought, why not get a singlespeed specific 'cross frame (Spot, On-One, Curtlo, Surly, etc) with a flip-flop fixed/free rear wheel?

I'm thinking of either Mavic Open Pro or CXP33 rims? I'd like something light for fixed-gear road riding, but strong enough for 'cross racing/riding. BTW, I'm only 130lbs.

As for the hub, I'm not sure what my options are in terms of a 135mm rear fixed/free flip-flop other than a Phil Wood -- beautiful, but expensive! Any other options?

As for gear ratio, I'd go with:
- 36:18 free for 'cross racing/riding and
- 44:16 fixed for fixed-gear road riding. Does this sound reasonable?

Now, what cranks should I go with? Would a MTB crank be better suited? With a MTB crank, I could easily go from a 36 front ring (inside of spider) to a 44 (outside of spider) since they share the same BCD. What about road crank/rings?

Brakes calipers and levers? I was thinking of using 105 levers with Avid Shorty brake calipers. Is this a good set-up? What about V-brake calipers? Can these be used with 105 levers?

Anything else I should consider?

Ride Hard,
Mike B.
that didn't take longgtx
Jan 26, 2002 10:04 AM
the price is going up! I think you want shorter cranks for going fixed (170 or less--better for fast spinning and less chance you'll hit the pedals in those corners you're going to be pedalling through). So I'd do road cranks. If you can find them, the Ritchey road cranks have a 130 bolt pattern. I think the perfect bike for you would have been last year's Gunnar Street Dog--set up like the Cross Hairs but with track dropouts and 120 spacing. You might still be able to find one, or yeah, just have Curtlo or someone build one for you. And V-brakes don't work very well with road levers--go with cantis.
Jan 26, 2002 3:33 PM
I meant that the old Ritchey road cranks have a 110 bolt pattern. New Ritchey road cranks (just came out) have switched to 130.
Surly will do it allbn
Jan 26, 2002 10:20 AM
The Cross check is spaced at 132.5, so will take road 130 or mtn 135 hubs.

Either rim is fine.

There are much cheaper flip-flops, but spacing to 130 is usually an issue- but, longer axles are $10-15. Suzue is a common one, Sovos also makes one but it's really low quality.

Gearing depends on terrain. 2:1 is typical for mtn SS, 44x16 fixed could be pretty high if you have lots of hills.

Since you're only using 1 ring, get something with a 110 BCD and change rings when you change gearing. The Dimension cyclocross crank from QBP would be perfect. You'll have less chainline error and smaller Q with a double than w/mtn crank. 38 is usually the smallest that can be used w/130 BCD road cranks (135 Campy = 39 smallest).

Shortys will do fine... you might also consier Redline Radius. High profile canti's (Froglegs, Paul's, Grumpy, Spookys) will give you better stopping power, but wouldn't be the best choice for a fixed.
"Anything else I should consider?"Ahimsa
Jan 28, 2002 9:56 AM

Tire clearance and fenders.

Where and under what conditions is this bike going to be used?

I believe the Surly has the most clearance for big tires and mud guards.

There are v brake road levers out there. It depends on whether you will use this for true cross or more commuting/city riding. For cross you'd be better off with cantis. For commuting I like V's just because they are idiot proof to set up and maintain.

The bike you describe sounds like a heavy duty messenger ride.

For me being able to run fixed free on road in rainy or dry weather with a 28 tire w/ fenders AND still have clearance enough to swap out tires to a 35-40 knobby with fenders in the snow AND no fenders for trails is the best all in one combo.

Are you going with a drop bar? Bull horns would be ideal for city and trail. Maybe not so great for touring or cross.