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Another Klein Question(6 posts)

Another Klein QuestionLone Gunman
Jan 26, 2002 6:54 AM
In searching the classifieds I see sizing quotes that are misleading; Klein website shows sizing in even cm's in my range. Board posters and LBS show odd cm# sizes. I ride a 55Lemond that has a 56.5cm c-c top tube. I see that a Klein 56cm frame has a 57.2cm tope tube. Anyone know for certain if Kleins come in odd, even, or both? (in the 2000 model year forward)? I can fit a 55-57 depending upon MFG, in a Klein I suspect a 56cm frame w/110 stem will be my best fit(current ride is a 55Lemond with a 120stem.
Actuallynee Spoke Wrench
Jan 26, 2002 7:53 AM
I think mine's a 2,000 model year.

Advertised size is 57cm. Actually center to top seat tube measures 56cm (58cm to top of seat tube, where'd 57 come from?). Top tube measures 57cm.

Hope that helped.
re: Another Klein QuestionDINOSAUR
Jan 26, 2002 9:30 AM
Klein changed their geometry and lowered the bottom bracket clearance with the 2001(?) Klein line up. That's why you see different specs..... My personal opinion would be to find a newer Quantum Pro fuselage, the QP's have a nicer fork....when and if I decide to upgrade my QR I'll upgrade the fork... If you have a tech questions about Klein try contacting Klein over their website, I shot in a question and got a reply by Gary Klein himself....You can also just order the fuslage alone, might find a good deal on a NOS Quantum Pro, the QR fuselage (that's how Klein refers to their framesets) goes for around 1K ($1,100)...You might find last years model somewhere and end up with a new frame..If I were going to go with another Klein, that's the way I would do it...
re: Another Klein QuestionLone Gunman
Jan 26, 2002 10:51 AM
Classifieds on this site have at least 10-15 different used Kleins in a 56/57cm. Some are full bikes, some frames only, appears that $500 is the going rate for a used newer (2000-2001) frame
re: Another Klein Questionpa rider
Jan 26, 2002 3:19 PM
That sounds about right. Theirs a shop in Mt Airy maryland who was trying to sell me a frame four years ago. They drop the prices this time of the year to cleanout the inventory.

Hope it has a nice paint job.
They alternate...DT
Jan 26, 2002 8:19 PM
...every year between even sized frames and odd sized frames. I have a 98 Stage Comp R frame and a 2000 Q-Race frame, both sized 58cm. Great bikes!