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kinesium frame has great ride - I was pleasantly surprised(2 posts)

kinesium frame has great ride - I was pleasantly surprisedroger
Jan 26, 2002 6:40 AM
I just got my first rode bike about a week ago (a Motobecane le Champion). I admit I bought is for the price - I paid $1100 with full Ultegra. But what surprised me was the ride. I have been reading this message board for about a year and lots of people knock aluminum and lots love Ti and Steel. So I was really shocked by the ride of the Kinesium frame. It is smoother than any my fiends Aluminum frames and lighter as a bike than the one guy I know with a Ti bike. And the ride seemed a lot like the steel bikes I have riden (but quicker - I think)
Anyway, I think people should test this tubing - I love it. I only heard of it on Felt, Santa Cruz and Motobecane; but I bet other makers use it too. Anyone know of any of where you can buy a frame only?
I was told the tubing is new; so if you havent riden it - give it a try.
Specialized GT Schwinn Kona and other use Kinesisbikejack
Jan 27, 2002 7:34 AM
This frame builder builds frames for all type of brands ~ not just Motobecane, Felt, and Santa Cruz. But I have never ridden the kinesium tubing ~ my guess is that it is like a metal matrix. Anyone have the specs on it?