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Anyone use a Specialized S-1 helmet yet? Reviews?(11 posts)

Anyone use a Specialized S-1 helmet yet? Reviews?nigel
Jan 25, 2002 10:25 PM
I've been interested in the newest top-line helmet from Specialized, the S-1, as of late. (See photo below. It also comes in plain white and plain black.)

I'm pretty happy with my Giro Boreas (especially the fit and the colors--ONCE grey/black/yellow), but since I sweat a lot, I've noticed that my older Specialized SubZero cooled my forehead better with its mouthport. Seems that if my forehead is buffeted with air, the sweat dries up MUCH quicker.

Just looking for opinions from people who've ridden with the S-1. I'm sure it's great, but wanted further confirmation.

re: what you need is...Akirasho
Jan 26, 2002 12:51 AM
a bit of Max Headroom... that ought ta keep ya brow dry...

(sorry, no info on the S-1, but I couldn't resist)

We abide.

Remain In Light.
Lust factorElefantino
Jan 26, 2002 10:36 AM
I, too, had a SubZero that was much cooler, seemingly, than a Giro Helios. Then I cracked my SubZero when I broke my neck and Specialized sent me a new King Cobra, free.

But after seeing the S-1 ... wow. I want one. Now. In red.

Tangent: Have you tried HeadSweats? Bought my first one at RFTR last year and I couldn't believe the difference. No eye sweat, cooler head ... and no helmet head!

how are you healing up btw?Woof the dog
Jan 26, 2002 1:34 PM
Replies to Elephantino and Woof the dog.nigel
Jan 26, 2002 5:09 PM

Yeah, that S-1's a badass lid! Funny thing: I scoured the Web, and have found that European sites have it available presently. (Strange, since they're a US company, eh?) I also saw a woman on the road today with the red/white one: Damn, what a great-looking helmet! I wanted to chase her down and take it from her! ;)

I haven't tried HeadSweats yet; I have heard great things about them, but I'm not into the "doo rag" look for myself, personally. I've also heard about different headbands that just may work for me; I'll be trying these over the next month or so. I've realized that, since I sweat so much, the upper/side/rear vents on my Boreas really do wonders for drying my head, but that the BIG problem is that my forehead sweat goes straight into my face. I wind up either catching it in time--by tilting my head to one side and pressing (hard) the helmet against my head to drain the sweatpads (Which I must do when no one's looking, since it's NASTY and in copious supply!)--or having it drip down my glasses and into my face (to me, even more nasty than the method of draining). Thanks a lot for your suggestion, however. Who knows? I may wind up being another Pantani, Vainstains, Durand, Elephantino, et al., with a "doo rag."

Woof the Grade-A-honey-producing dog,

Thanks a lot for asking, chum. I'm back in the saddle after taking but a bit over a week off (the doc said a "few days" off) and purchasing a Koobi AU Chrono helmet ( The thing's just what the doc ordered, so to speak, with a huge cutout slot which extends to the very tip of the saddle in front. Great craftsmanship (actually made by Selle Italia and made in Italy), light weight, and very comfortable. I'd highly recommend one for anyone who wants a cutout saddle which is also a stylish racing saddle. They also make about six or so others.

My plumbing has healed up properly with no more discomfort or pressure, and all's well below the belt. (Hope you're not sorry you asked!)

Many thanks for asking about my recovery--or were you asking Elephantino about HIS recovery from his crash? Oops! Sorry!--I'm doing just fine, and have started training for my first racing season in ten years.

Cheers all,
Replies to Elephantino and Woof the dog.Woof the dog
Jan 26, 2002 8:16 PM
haha, i was asking the big E actually, but I am also glad to hear about you in good shape. See, if you didn't use the shy guy name I would surely remember to ask you too :-P

Well, now that we are up on you, tell me, the problem that you had.. is that purely genetic in your case or did you actually do some major uhm...crotch weight lifting, or should I say "weight pressing"? I am deathly afraid of having such problems. Blah.


Woof, the sweet tooth dog (honey is good for you!)
My problem.nigel
Jan 27, 2002 9:16 AM
Woofie baby,

The stricture seemed to be just something that happened. Not sure if it was genetic or not (never had the chance to ask my dad if he had these, but I don't believe he did). I may have been "predisposed" to this type of thing, but it wouldn't have really happened without my putting in lots of miles on the bike and applying some pressure to that tender area over hours at a time in the saddle.

When I took years off the bike, I was perfectly OK. Since I've gotten back on, it recurred. I may have to undergo the simple procedure every so often (hopefully no more than once a year--if even that!), but c'est la vie: I love riding, so I'll do what's necessary. :)

No need to be "deathly afraid" of this type of thing: like undergoing any physical thing, it makes one stronger and tougher. It sounds uncomfortable--and is--but it's no BIG deal UNLESS one lets it go and the stricture eventually closes up; then, it's painful. That's why I posted the long "warning" message a little while ago: to make people aware that this can happen and that it's an easy enough situation to deal with if caught early enough. I'd like to think that someone on the board would've read that post and it would've helped them prevent a bad situation.

Be well, and ride fast,
Thanks a lot for asking!Elefantino
Jan 26, 2002 9:48 PM
Went to the doc on Friday, about a 20-minute ride in the car. When I got home, I was sore as heck. The vibration is like a jackhammer up my spine. I spent all day today, with bathroom break exceptions, in the recliner. Feels better.

Shoulder is worse. Go for an MRI on Monday to see why I now can't raise my arm above the 45-degree angle.

Other than that, I
• picked up a cheap pair of Spinergy wheels on eBay (which I'll turn around and sell for a profit)
• bought yet another Selle XO saddle (for 10 bucks shipped; I can't have enough of my favorite perch)
• sold a Thomson SetBack road post I had lying around
• decided not to buy a never taken out of the box 2000 Schwinn Peleton 853 steel bike for $850 shipped (if I get a settlement worth a darn from this, I want titanium)
• watched the 90 TdF tape again today for the umpteenth time, ordered the 01 TdF on DVD
• finally got word today that the new sag wagon is scheduled to be built in Munich and will be at the dealer in early April

you know, stuff like that.

Spirits good. Thanks again for asking.

Mike the Fastest Recliner Man in the Peloton

PS: What was this thread about?
PS: Specialized Web site says it won't go on sale 'til March. nmElefantino
Jan 26, 2002 10:38 AM
Been on sale for awhileLewis
Jan 27, 2002 3:54 PM
I see them at my pro shop and other shops for a few weeks now. They are nice but not enough color selections yet.
Good response to the Giro Pneumo- It looks like the MET helmet. The Brain Trust is now 1/2 rubberized and the visor is too- very cool plastic technology!
A King Cobra with bigger vents. If you like the color, go for it.
re: Anyone use a Specialized S-1 helmet yet? Reviews?Kurt VF
Feb 1, 2002 6:42 PM
They're not out yet.