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Klein riders(14 posts)

Klein ridersLone Gunman
Jan 25, 2002 5:29 PM
Was out @ the LBS the other day and looking over some of the 2002 offerings. The LBS is a Klein/Lemond/Trek/Bianchi dealer and since I ride a steel Lemond my eyes began to wander toward something aluminum. If I went Alu, I would most likely buy a used Klein frame and build it up with DA and Ksyriums. How well does the paint stick on the Klein aluminum, they have beautiful paint work, and my past alu frame chipped very easily. Also someone on this board was testing to see if a carbon seatpost on an Alu frame made a huge comfort difference, dampening the ride, anyone with this experience (Klein w/carbon post)?
re: Klein ridersallezjohn
Jan 25, 2002 6:13 PM
It'd be hard to find a Carbon seatpost to fit a Klein, as they use a 31.something size [diameter] post. The paint quality of a Klein is supurb, the best! I have owned 2 Klein Q-Pro's. I got hit by a truck on the first. Got a dent in the downtube, but the paint didn't chip, crack, flake, peel or anything. My second q-pro only got a small scratch on the fork, b/c someone [not myself] loaded it poorly onto a trunk mount auto rack. They're the best aluminum bikes made. peroid.
Seat postsLone Gunman
Jan 25, 2002 6:21 PM
In looking over the classified section of this board, I see alot of what appear to be Icon seat posts, are these CF?
Seat postsAndy M-S
Jan 26, 2002 4:20 AM

Although Icon's name for these is "graphite," they're strictly alloy--fairly light, IMO--anodized dark gray. Unfortunately, the clamp uses a fairly finely ratcheted surface that can strip easily. It should have been a friction fit from the start...
re: Klein riderspa rider
Jan 25, 2002 6:26 PM
Hey buddy. i owned a Klein MTB for four years. I sold the frame last year. Klein blast or magnetic their paint on the bikes.

They have to strip the paint off the frames to fit bent derailer hangers (over 1000 degrees). They then paint the bikes like sand blasting. I was told that the paint is like electron magnetic and stick to the frame.

I beat the hell out of my bottom bracket, so that was the only area that had the part scraped off. You won't have any problems with the paint chipping or flaking off.

You getting a Quantium frame? I found a shop in Mt Airy Maryland who sales Klein frames for $600. Hope you got a good deal.
re: Klein ridersdescente1974
Jan 25, 2002 6:50 PM
I was in my LBS, and saw some 2001 Klein frames on sale for around $500.

their site isn't alway up todate, but they seem always be buying left over Trek/Klein/Lemond/Fisher inventory...
re: Klein ridersLone Gunman
Jan 26, 2002 6:21 AM
Saw some offerings from this guy on the classifieds here on this board unbuilt Quantums for $450+S&H. I am in no rush to do this, just tinkering with the idea. My old Alu is a Schwinn 1990 Alu, grossly overbuilt and harsh to ride compared to my 853 steel. Riding the Schwinn last year while the Lemond was out of comission was brutal, hence my dampening CF seatpost question.
No problem with the paint for me...DINOSAUR
Jan 25, 2002 6:59 PM
My main (and only) ride is a '99 Klein Quantum Race. Shimano Ultegra with Rolf Vector Comps.

I went with Klein orignially as I a big guy and I wanted a strong light frame with no flex at the bottom bracket. I have been very pleased with my Klein.

First the paint: Klein apparently had some trouble with their paint in '99, but my paint job has held up. I've only managed to chip it in a couple of places doing something stupid, such as dropping tool on the front fork. Kleins are noted for their beautiful paint jobs, but they are near impossible to touch up. I have never bothered to contact Klein and see if they offer touch up paint (they might).

My bike came stock with an Icon seat post. I think the thread you saw was in reference to a ti railed saddle on a al bike. I installed a San Marco Era on my Klein back in July and it has really made a big difference in dampening the ride.

One man's meat is anothers man's poison but I love the ride of my Klein, not harsh, a slight "twitchey", great for climbing (my bike is set up for climbing) handles well on descents, tracks well, and very stiff (which I like). I was having trouble as first on long rides of 3 hours or more with my lower back, but the addition of the San Marco solved that problem.

You would be wise to build one up as you stated, avoid the Rolf wheels (unavailibility for parts) DA would be nice.

I'm lusting over a new bike but everytime I ride my Klein I'm thinking of just rebuilding it and putting the new bike on hold for a couple more years (a lot depends on Mrs Dinosaur).

I'd love to test ride the new Klein Q-Pro Carbon, they haven't jacked up the price that much, to my amazement. Kleins have a lifetime warrenty for the original owner.

I've never heard anyone complain about the ride of their Klein.

One small note~ if you have long legs (like me) some riders have problems getting their KOP dialed in because of the 74 degree angle of the seat post. Some guys go to an off set seat post. My San Marco era fit the ticket because of the position of the rails, which alows me to slide the saddle back so I'm dialed in. That might or might not be a problem for you..
Mostly good, but I disagree with one thing...DT
Jan 25, 2002 8:13 PM
I ride a 2000 Klein Q-Race built up with D-Ace and Rolf Vector Pro's. I recently added an Easton EC-90 handlebar ($90 brand new off E-Bay!) and that helped quite a bit with the rough roads around here. The comment I disagree with from the previous post is with the Rolf wheels. I have probably over 10,000 miles on mine, 5700 alone last year on these rough Mississippi roads, and I have not had one single problem with them! I only weigh 150 pounds...I don't know how heavy the other guy is. I keep wondering when I should have the hubs repacked, but everyone keeps telling me they don't need it. I'm looking to get a USE Alien carbon seatpost here when my tax $$ gets back...of course, I'll have to use a shim, but I'll be interested to see how much that helps with the roads. I love my Klein...too bad there's not anyone around here who rides enough to appreciate it besides me.
Mostly good, but I disagree with one thing...Lone Gunman
Jan 26, 2002 6:37 AM
I also asked the LBS about his insider knowledge on Rolf wheels, as I was having my VComp rear wheel serviced(repack the rear hub), he offered little more than I already knew and steered me towards Ksyriums and showed me their latest offerings. You may know there is little service to do on a Rolf front wheel as the bearings are sealed. I have no problem with Rolf wheels I am currently riding. I won't buy another set should Rolf decide to become reclusive when it is time to buy new wheels. As I see it now, we (riders/consumers) have no new offerings from Rolf in the past year. The LBS even had some Bontragers sitting around I assume were for sale.
Rolf wheels...DINOSAUR
Jan 26, 2002 9:16 AM

I really don't have a problem with my Rolf VC's, I logged well over 15,000 on the rear rim until it fractured, which is probably the average life span for a rear rim. As you know, Trek dropped Rolf, and it's difficult to find replacement rims. Rolf has changed their entire line up. I had to go with a blue rear replacement rim as opposed to the stock red front rim. Trek was willing to sell me a new complete VC blue wheelset for $300.00, but I couln't see forking over that much money as all I needed was a replacement rim.

The only Rolf's you will see will be on used Kleins anyway, as Bontanger wheels are now equipped on all Trek products..

You will run into problems down the road when it comes time to find replacement parts for you Rolf's... hopefully it will be awhile..
Special AttachmentLone Gunman
Jan 26, 2002 11:00 AM
My Rolfs are autographed by Rolf himself, so I hope to retire them to memorabilia and think a nice set of used Ksyriums are in the future; the LBS wanted $275 each for the Ksyriums. The Klein project will most likely be a used frameset and wheels and new DA drivetrain.
re: Klein ridersEW
Jan 25, 2002 8:12 PM
Had a 99 Q Pro and the paint chipped rather easily, which was very disappointing because it was an awesome paint job. 74 degree seat angle also too steep for me, but the newer versions are 73 or 73.5 degrees - does that make a difference? I don't know. I suppose it should. Seatpost is 31.6 mm - compatibility problems. I have a shim that allows you to put a 25 mm seatpost into the frame if you want it for cheap. Stem is also 1 1/16 inch - not 1 inch, not 1 1/8 - again compatability problems and I had to coke can shim my ITM stem onto it. Still, the bike was lighter and more responsive than any bike I've had. Did a couple of centuries on it and felt OK. But not as comfy as steel. I sold it with the intent of possibly getting a custom paint job, but now with the carbon stays - I don't know if I like it - prefer pure alu or carbon. Just preference.
I ride a 2000 QPro with a Thomson seatpost.Twilight
Jan 26, 2002 11:09 AM
Unlike the other Aluminium frames I tested (y2k CAAD4 and Sp'lizd Alllez Pro) while shopping for the bike, the QPro is resposive and fast without being harsh. The old geometry fits me well, I actually enjoy doing centuries on it. Having the stiff Thomson post doesn't bother me at all, I don't trust carbon seatposts to not fall apart and the Thomson clamp is a work of art.

The paint on mine has held up great despite suffering a small dent in the left seatstay. No chipping/peeling/fading anywhere on the painted surfaces and the clearcoat is still perfect.