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Hummah(4 posts)

Jan 25, 2002 10:19 AM
I wonder if you could post a pic of your bike along with some information regarding components you used. Are they all original parts or is it cobbled together from aftermarket bits?

The reason I ask is because I purchased a Madwagon cruiser awhile back that I am riding much more than I thought I would, and while the $99 price tag is great, the drivetrain leaves something to be desired. Not exactly as precise and confidence inspiring as I'd prefer in traffic.

I think I'd like to upgrade the bottom bracket and crankset to something much nicer and hopefully within the frugal spirit of the bike itself. It is a basic single speed coaster brake deal.

Any ideas would be appreciated. I'm thinking BMX parts might be the answer. While weight is not an issue, durability, serviceability, cost, and aesthetic are major concerns.

Thank you sir.


re: eavesdroppingJs Haiku Shop
Jan 25, 2002 10:31 AM
you might post this also on the single speed board, there are a few over there with conversion cruisers including aftermarket bmx parts...just a thought. and, i wasn't eavesdropping, i just heard you talking over the cubicle wall. :o)
That MTB board reminds me of the old RBR board.Brian C.
Jan 25, 2002 10:58 AM
That infamous afternoon when RBR was switched to this new and improved format, word was MTB would change, too.
Or is my memory fading?
Its in the "hobbies" page of ...Humma Hah
Jan 27, 2002 5:59 PM
I have before and after powdercoating pix of the cruiser, with some history on it, on my website, which should not be hard to find. I'll try to post a link, but its an Angelfire site, and those tend to defeat links to pictures, for reasons unknown.

Very little of the bike is original, except the frame and rear coasterbrake housing, although much of the rest is genuine Schwinn hardware. Both rims are S-7's, the front wheel being a heavy duty replacement built by Schwinn, the rear converted to heavy spokes by me. The rear rim is from a used wheel.

The front forks are replacements, and I'm about to install a Schwinn Corvette fork -- it is equipped with brake bosses for my side-pulls, so I can eliminate the adapter, and be able to mount fenders again.

The handlebars are one-of-a-kind, short straight bars, 20" wide, polyester-filled, possibly the first straight bars put on a cruiser to MTB conversion.

Brakes -- a mix. Bendix 96 guts in a Bendix 70 coasterbrake, front side-pull calipers, the rears are Topo's on a Big Cheese adapter.

The seat is a Schwinn Softseat Plus, not a wide cruiser seat, but very plush and comfortable.