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9sp. Rolf wheels compatible with 8sp. set-up?(4 posts)

9sp. Rolf wheels compatible with 8sp. set-up?Tim
Jan 25, 2002 7:22 AM
Trying to prevent a bonehead purchase here. Came across a great deal on some Rolf wheels, 9 speed compatible. Right now, I have an 8 speed set-up. So, can I not use these? What needs to be changed for them to work?
Should not be a problem....Cima Coppi
Jan 25, 2002 8:38 AM
As long as the spline pattern on your 8 speed cassette is the same as the cassette body on the hub. I'm assuming you are using Shimano (or Shimano compatible) cassettes?

Otherwise, the 130mm axle length is the standard for both 8 and 9 speed systems.

Good luck

My $.02 about Rolf wheels....DINOSAUR
Jan 25, 2002 9:16 AM
Make sure that it is the deal of the century. Rolf changed their line when Trek dropped them and finding replacement rims is getting to be near impossible, unless it's through ebay or some other source (even they are getting dry with Rolf wheels). If you plan on using them until they fail (my rear rim lasted 15K) they are O.K. but don't look at them as a long term wheelset...I was offered a deal @ $200.00 for a complete new Vector Comp wheelset, I passed and just replaced the rear rim which is a different color than the front rim. My LBS was offering a deal for Mavic Open Pros with Shimano hubs for $199.00, I found this out later after I replace my rim....I've had fairly good luck with my Rolfs but I wouldn't buy them again as they are always changing their line up (mine are obsolete going on 4 seasons)... The Rolf website isn't available anymore either, if that's a clue. Actually my beef isn't with Rolf, it's with Trek who can't seem to be consistent with what they equip their bikes with (accept Shimano)...
Correction on price...DINOSAUR
Jan 25, 2002 3:00 PM
Sorry, don't know if this makes a difference, bad case of senior citizens brain fade. The price Trek quoted my LBS was $300.00 for the Rolf VC wheel set. I saw the same price on ebay, we were hoping that Trek would offer a discount for a blue front rim so both my wheels would match, but no go.....