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new conti tires(3 posts)

new conti tireskanekikapu
Jan 24, 2002 1:11 PM
has anyone try that new conti grand prix 4 season tire? if it worth the money to buy it? ( well i just want some review about this tires)
Got about 1,500 miles experience so farzelig
Jan 24, 2002 2:15 PM
I've ridden them since October. Riding conditions are damp to wet with lots of glass as it's London. First observation is that they're subjectively very fast. Their resistance to glass cuts is very good. I've had two flats on the rear during that time which would have happened with any other tire including my favorite, the older edition of the Axial Select. Tread wear is excellent and there have been no sidewall cut issues unlike some have had with the GP3000. A couple of other observations. They're extremely slippery in greasy and truly wet conditions. People can tell me all they want about the tread compound. Your sinuses will stay clear when you ride these tires. Manhole covers, grates are like black ice. Things improve slightly with age. I've stopped using one on the front. I can handle the back end coming out but having the front wash out when cornering is not my idea of fun. Currently running a Vredstein Fortezza up front. The other obervation is that the casing feels tall versus round. In the dry, they're excellent. In the wet, look elsewhere. Totally subjective but that's my take. If you like the GP3000 and have had issues with the sidewalls and/or tread wear, they're worth looking into. I paid £28 per tire and that includes 17.5% VAT. That's about $34.50 net of VAT. A better tire for the money IMHO is the Scwalbe Blizzard Neo Pro. Better in the wet, feels just as fast, good wearing, kevlar belt and similar weight. Hey, if it weren't for the glass, I'd still be on tubs.
Got about 1,500 miles experience so farflybyvine
Jan 24, 2002 11:35 PM
STrange that they don't appear that good in the wet as that is what they are meant to have been designed for. I was thinking about getting some for commuting in Singapore which is commonly in tropical downpours. I currently commute on Axial Select Bi-SPort which I find to be too "loose" in all conditions. They wear great (almost none !!) but just don't feel tight (wet or dry). I love GP3000's but they wear too fast for commuting.

I haven't found anything that will stick to steel manhole covers. All I can do is straighten the bike & hang on !