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I FOUND IT!!!!!! Y Foil frame!!!!!!(19 posts)

I FOUND IT!!!!!! Y Foil frame!!!!!!mazobob
Jan 24, 2002 1:04 PM
Thanks for all the words of encouragement and all the leads!
I found my dream bike and hope to visit with you folks in the future! Many thanks for all the great info found at this board! Mazobob
WHO CARES????? Yfoil y schmoilDon Haulitz
Jan 24, 2002 1:15 PM
don't be an immature jerk nmDog
Jan 24, 2002 1:18 PM
Yeah, be a mature jerk! Cool ride BTW. nmMB1
Jan 24, 2002 1:25 PM
re: I FOUND IT!!!!!! Y Foil frame!!!!!!Akirasho
Jan 24, 2002 1:26 PM
Good job mazobob... now go and ride it!

We abide.

Remain In Light.
re: I FOUND IT!!!!!! Y Foil frame!!!!!!nothatgullible
Jan 24, 2002 6:41 PM
Good deal mazobob! Hope you enjoy it. Let us know how it rides.
ME TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!davet
Jan 24, 2002 9:50 PM
I went through somewhat the same thing during the last few months. I've always thought a Y-Foil is the second sexiest thing on the planet. So for about five months I looked, searched and Googled. No luck in my size or the general price range I was looking to spend. In mid-December I just happened to be in Bozeman Montana, of all places, and just happened to wander into a local bike shop. There hanging on the wall above the front door was an Ice Inkwell colored Y-Foil, in MY SIZE! My wallet was burning through the atmosphere as it came out of my pocket to pay for it. It was less than my target price!

Now it's all built up, sitting in its' stand in our family room, looking forlornly out the window waiting for the snow to melt. It wax it every day, just because.
ME TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TOO.. almost..VetteRacer
Jan 25, 2002 12:08 AM
Congrats on the frames guys!

I got a gold 59cm being helpd for me untill I can get together the $ for it.

Both of you should take pictures and send them too me! :):)

ME TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!mazobob
Jan 25, 2002 8:49 AM
Ah yes , the sweet sound of joy as it resonates through ones soul! A true happy moment in ones life! I too love the look and would agree that it's the second sexiest thing on the planet. I'm going to build mine up a bit differently than most.... I have several bikes... one is an old Trek 1420 with the Shimnano Deore DX group and 105 aero wheels, 105 brakes. This model was designed by trek to be for fast light long distance riding. The Deore DX wasn't used very much i understand. Mostly on Mtn but the DX was a road group....I think??? I have many fond memories of this bike when I purchased it 11 years ago. It also has a 7 speed rear cog. Since the y foil frame isn't one of lightest on the block, whata tribute it would be to get these bike parts on the new Y foil frame.
Have a great day!
ps what color is yours, do you have a photo?
ME TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!davet
Jan 25, 2002 11:10 AM
how come no tape on the drops?nm
Jan 25, 2002 11:25 AM
how come no tape on the drops?descente
Jan 25, 2002 1:13 PM
I once had no tape on my drops on my first bike. The curl of the drops were too small for my large hands, so removing the tape was a cheap way of getting more room. I was only in high school then on a hand me down bike though....
Jan 25, 2002 4:37 PM
He's not done building the bike yet :)

but there's tape on the topsgg
Jan 25, 2002 7:57 PM
figure that
how come no tape on the drops?davet
Jan 25, 2002 10:24 PM
Because I'm still building the bike. I've got a set of Ritchey WCS bars I'm waiting for. I taped the top of these bars so I could test the shifting and braking. This is the very first bike I've assembled from start to finish. Boy am I having fun!
ME TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!descente
Jan 25, 2002 1:18 PM
Nice ride.
Thanks for sharing!
re: I FOUND IT!!!!!! Y Foil frame!!!!!!descente
Jan 25, 2002 1:11 PM
Glad to hear you found a frame!
Welcome to the gang!

I am riding my Y Foil this summer is a 600 mile San Francisco to Los Angeles trip.

My Ciussi side entry Elite water bottle cage arrived yesterday and I must say, it makes carrying a water bottle so much easier now. I recommend this cage to all Y Foil riders.
re: I FOUND IT!!!!!! Y Foil frame!!!!!!MajorTaylor
Jan 25, 2002 2:15 PM
Just joined the club guys! I feel like a proud papa. As I write this, my LBS is building up my brand new blue Y-frame. I've salivated over one of those beautiful frames for the last three years. I thought it impossible to find a new one. On Sunday I was checking the bike shots from this site and saw a Y-frame purchased at Helen's Cycles in Cali. The owner said they just bought a few brand new from Trek. I called EVERY single Helen's store (there are 5). The last one had a 62cm. Two days later, it arrived at my job and tomorrow, I'll ride it for the first time. My wife may not see me all day! It truly is a beautiful bike and an aero wonder. I don't even care that the UCI banned it, because now it's a collectors item. Anyway, just wanted to report that another Y-frame found a happy home. In April at the RftR, it'll be me, 100 miles and my Y-Foil under the Austin sun! I'll post a bike shot soon.
re: I FOUND IT!!!!!! Y Foil frame!!!!!!descente
Jan 25, 2002 5:28 PM
Glad to hear that my picture post was helpful to ya...

- Nat