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What do you eat on rides?(12 posts)

What do you eat on rides?Len J
Jan 24, 2002 12:55 PM
Followup to the post below on eating during rides.

In reviewing my riding last year, one of my recurring problems was lack of energy late in long rides (or late in Hammer rides). It exhibited itself in low energy and higher leg pain. This made it much harder for me to maintain speed in order to finish.

As a result of this I am trying to do two things:

1.) Spend many more miles building endurance and Muscular endurance (train my body to use fat stores). And

2.) Try to find out if this is related to caloric consumption. I have a very high metabiolism. Normally I eat 4 to 5 full meals a day. (even when not in heavy training). While I feel like I've been eating enough during long rides, I am beginning to suspect that I am not digesting what I am eating fast enough to replenish the calories that I am burning. I get to this pre-bonk stage (as described above) and feel like there is nothing in the tank. (BTW, if I sit for a 15 or so minutes at this point, I am fine its like digestion catches up to metabolism) To this end, I have begun experimenting with different nutrition during rides.

What do you find workks best for you?


P.S. Do(u)g's experience during the 508 of not being able to digest Ensure made me think of this as part of my problem, so I have started by experimenting with Hammergel.
With the help of the posters here we changed our ride diet.MB1
Jan 24, 2002 1:23 PM
Used to eat a lot of junk food and a sizeable lunch-not any more.

Gatorade in our bottles-we carry extra powder with us so we only need to find a source of water to refuel. We have found that the powdered mix tastes better than the pre-bottled stuff and costs a whole lot less.

Boiled red potatoes-easy to carry and eat. Also easy on the stomach. Bonus points for being cheap. Any kind of potato is probably ok, we just like the taste of reds.

Miss M's brownies. MMMMM good. Homemade too. Did I mention that they don't cost much?

Pretzel bits. Slightly salty and easy on the stomach. Easy to carry too. Also easy on the wallet, hmmmm....I think we have a theme going here.

PB&J sandwiches-toasted and wrapped in foil. (Save yourself some money and reuse the foil, or is that going too far?)

Miss M also likes Rice Krispy snacks. I carry a Goo or 2 but rarely eat one.

Eat small amounts often and stop rarely and for short periods.
me too, sorta.Js Haiku Shop
Jan 24, 2002 1:57 PM
on longer rides:

clif bars, 1/2 bar every 1/2 hour. standard powerbars didn't work and were hard to eat, and the harvest bars didn't seem to work, either.

lotsa water

1 24-32 ounce bottle of gatorade every 2 hours
(i also carry the powder in half-sized ziploc sandwich baggies)

on long saturday rides i'll drink a can of boost or ensure (depends on what was on sale) before, and one 60-70% into the ride. i've done this on 125'ers, too.

powergel and clif shots, just in case, but rarely use 'em.

also like trail mix, cookies, and have eaten fruit and sandwich quarters on organized centuries.
I stopped using Gatoradecyclopathic
Jan 24, 2002 6:07 PM
I get really bad acid case really kills me. Doesn't hit me on century but if I go over 150 I can pretty much count on it have you ever had this problem?
Have you tried acceleradegrandemamou
Jan 25, 2002 6:11 AM
I have the same problem. When it's hot Gat/Powerade really upset my stomach. Accelerade is not as sugary and doesn't have that acid taste. It's pretty expensive though and I don't feel any performance advantage but my tummy likes it.
re: What do you eat on rides?Elefantino
Jan 24, 2002 1:55 PM
I, too, am a cheap b*st*rd, so when it comes to what I eat cost does play a factor. For typical weekend rides, I load up with:
• Rice Krispy treats. 33 cents each at BJ's. Easy to eat, digest quickly, provide good energy. I get three for the price of one Power- or Clif bar, with almost as many carbs.
• Gatorade powder. I like to cut mine a little less sweet than the bottled kind.
• Bananas. Obviously.
• Hard candy. (Brach's butterscotch are the best).
• Pancake syrup. Not the "lite" stuff either. Aunt Jemima. Cheaper than GU or ClifSnot. (I carry it in a little GU bottle.) Great jolt of energy.

I drink every 15 minutes and eat each hour, or sooner if I feel like it.

I do occasionally eat Clif bars and use ClifSnot or PowerGel and drink expensive drink mixes, but only when I get them for free.
re: What do you eat on rides?guido
Jan 24, 2002 2:16 PM
MB1, how about a boiled red potato with a slice of ham or cheese inserted in it? Eddy B. said the boys back home always carried little ham (Polish ham, of course) and cream cheese sandwiches on good, stiff bread. After 50 miles, it's got everything you desperately want: the bread for some carbos, the ham for a little protein and amino acids, and the cream cheese, aromatic from your back pocket, gets the digestive juices flowing, and being soft and moist, helps it all go down.
Mostly fig bars & bananas,Straightblock
Jan 24, 2002 3:11 PM
although I thought I would have been sick of bananas by now.

For hydration I normally carry two bottles of plain water, or one water & one Gatorade on longer rides & centuries. Back in my racing days I'd carry one water & one diluted & de-carbonated Coke.

Maybe I'm cheap too, but I think that unless you're doing ultra length events & training, or competing at the championship level, most of the "performance" drinks, gels and bars are mostly hype and image, and don't offer any real benefit for the average rider out for an hour or two. Sure, you get a little boost from that Clif Shot late in the ride, but I remember getting that same feeling from a couple of orange wedges handed up in the musette bag at 80 miles.
Are you eating enough for breakfast??Greenie
Jan 24, 2002 5:33 PM
I think eating a large meal several hours before a long AM ride helps me alot. If I am going out for 3-5 hours, I eat a big breakfast of mostly carbs. Some books or magazine articles suggest 400 calories or so, but I eat quite a bit more. I eat easily digestable food like potatoes, bagels, powerbars, rice or pasta with some protein, but nothing heavy or oily. I pack in 600-800 calories a couple of hours before I head out (for example, 2 poptarts, a bowl of cereal and a banana). it might help to count the number of calories you are eating for breakfast. Perhaps you just need to eat a few hundred more calories.

This early eating gives my digestive system time to process food before I need it. I ride in the morning, so eating breakfast is natural. I wouldn't do this much eating for an afternoon ride or i'd barf. A well-chosen lunch menu would suffice.

Then I rely on the usual snacks for the ride. My morning ritual allows me to go on rides of 2.5 hours without having to eat during the ride, save an energy drink.

I hope this helps!

Maybe just not getting enough fluids.IAM
Jan 24, 2002 10:53 PM
Just a thought but it may be fluid your lacking and not food.
Although you mention the bonking feeling, the leg pain could be
caused by a slight lack of fluids that has finally caught up to you late in your ride.
Just a thought.
Hammer Jel, Hammer Jel, and... oh yeah, Hammer JelTig
Jan 25, 2002 9:11 AM
Thanks to Doug, I tried out Hammer Jel last summer and have seen (and felt) an improvement over the Gu's and PowerBars I used to use. I like the apple-cinnamon and raspberry flavors, and am on my 3rd bottle. I'm too lazy to type it all, so instead I'll paste a few things from their website that I agree to.

Longer Lasting Energy: Less than 5% simple sugar means no sugar crash.
More Convenience: HAMMER GEL isn't sold in pouches, but in jugs and comes with a free flask. For even greater convenience, you can mix it right into your water bottle just like a powdered energy drink mix!
Great Taste: Eight delicious flavors.
Much Better Value: About 1/2 the cost of other gels.
Hammer Gel, bananas,..coonass
Jan 25, 2002 4:31 PM
and fig bars when I can find them along the route. For liquids, I use a 50/50 blend of Twinlab's Ultra Fuel and Hydra Fuel...I'm not racer,just enjoy the ride. Hammer Gel is certainly easy to consume while riding and never had any digestive problems. (Since I'm what most people consider a 'health freak', I take a barage of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, etc. at the half-way point...and have a pre-mixed Whey Protein (90g) with Glycoload drink at the finish.) There's EXCELLENT information on this subject in Colgan's "Optimum Sport's Nutrition".