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Trek Carbon, Tuscany or Ultmate Litespeed(9 posts)

Trek Carbon, Tuscany or Ultmate LitespeedRickcau
Jan 24, 2002 4:36 AM
These are the frames I am considering.

Which would you choose and why?

re: Trek Carbon, Tuscany or Ultmate LitespeedZaard
Jan 24, 2002 5:54 AM
Trek has a lifetime warranty for the original purchaser and is good enough for Lance though Litespeed make an excellent product. I would also check the specs as all frames are slightly different and a good fit is probably the most important factor.
Why you limit choice?Chou en Lie
Jan 24, 2002 7:04 AM
Why you limit choice?

Here in China, we make top notch A-1 bicycle. If you buy it you will get big bang for buck. Other writer in this forum said it right: where you live you have only one real choice: get Chinese bike!

You are looking only at American made bikes, which are made by spoiled workers. If they have bad day, argument with spouse or wanting more money, they will make bad weld and give you bad product. Why are you risking your life in foolish way like this?

Be careful, though, and not get made in Taiwan bike. They are a sneaky bunch, I tell you. They put Italian name on bike, but it is not from Italy. It's Taiwan! Then they sell it cheap on internet. So any people tricked this way!

These people are so clever. They steal this idea from us.
re: Trek Carbon, Tuscany or Ultmate Litespeedhooligan
Jan 24, 2002 7:44 AM
Why do you care what someone else would choose? You're the one buying/riding it. Your decision is really centered on the frame.

Take a look in the reviews sections for each bike/frame and make your decision based on that if you are unable to actually test ride any of them.

What is important to you in a frame - stiffness, weight, comfort etc..

Does the geometry work for you - each of these bikes have different geometry.

How does the bike fit your type of riding?

Nobody can make this decision for you but you.
re: Trek Carbon, Tuscany or Ultmate LitespeedST
Jan 24, 2002 8:52 AM
I have both the Trek Carbon 5000 and the LS Tuscany. I have the Trek for about 5 years and the Tuscany for 2 years. They are both very good bike. The Trek seems a little lighter. Handling for both bikes are very good. But I like the LS Tuscany more. On climbs, you can accelerate quicker. During cornering, the Tuscany also feels more stable than the Trek. The feel of Ti is also more lively than carbon. For now, I would say the LS Tuscany is my favorite bike, espcially on the long and hard ride. But you cannot go wrong with either of them. Make sure that your sizing and component selection are just right for you, then you should be happy.
I chose Tuscany becausePdxMark
Jan 24, 2002 10:14 AM
I was headed toward the OCLV, but the fit was just not right for me. The Tuscany rides very well, has great reviews on the review part of this site, and is $1k(?) cheaper than the Ultimate. I weigh 165#, climb pretty well, and don't think I miss any added stiffness that the Ultimate might have. For hardcore racing, the Utimate might be better than the Tuscany.

For even more fun, put Campy Chorus 10 on it, rather than Shimano.... very nice...

re: Trek Carbon, Tuscany or Ultmate Litespeedpmf1
Jan 24, 2002 10:52 AM
They're very different bikes. What do you plan to do with them? How big/aggressive of a rider are you?

I have a LS Ultimate and have been quite happy with it. I'm not so sure I like the integrated HS and carbon stays on the 2002 model. If I were to get this bike, I'd get a 2001 or earlier model (I have 1999 model). Its a great bike if you're big and/or and aggressive rider. I hear complaints from smaller guys that it is too stiff. Its a great crit bike.

My wife has a Tuscany and has been happy with it (she likes her C-40 much better though). In my opinion, the Tuscany is the best value in the LS line-up. Its made of more advanced tubes than the Classic, and is lighter and cheaper. Doesn't have that classic look though.

You can ALWAYS find LS bikes on sale if you look. There is no reason to pay retail unless you want the2002 model right now. Like I said, I like the older ones better. Carbon stays are going to go the way of bio-pace chain rings someday. And integrated HS make no sense to me. What happens 10 years from now when you (or whoever owns it then) needs spare parts?

Carbon bikes have a very different feel than ti bikes. Some say dead, but I think they're plush (I have two). I've never ridden an OCLV frame very far, but for the money, I'd look at other carbon bikes (e.g., Look, Aegis, Kestrel). I hear a lot of complaints about them. Given the sheer magnitude of OCLV's out there, maybe look for a used one. I also don't like the way Trek makes you accept the bike built up with stuff on there you probably don't want and end up having to replace (Icon parts kinda suck).

The most important thing to do is try them out. The longer the test ride the better. If you can't do that, try some other brand of carbon bike and some other ti bike to get an idea what you like. Any one of the three will probably make you happy.
Why not Holland or Calfee?Troyboy
Jan 24, 2002 3:22 PM
If you're going to spend that much I'd go custom in a heartbeat.
Why not Holland or Calfee?Charlie - Empire Cycle Craft
Jan 24, 2002 9:40 PM
I would agree (a biased opinion of course). When you go with a smaller company you typically get a hanbuilt frame with alot more attention to detail, also the frame can be built to fit your needs if necessary. At least give it a thought.

Charlie Weisel, Owner